Monday, January 12, 2015

Big Letter of complete awesomeness because I got a package!

Dear Family and Friends
        I am super excited to be writing you. This is my last week here with Elder Paonessa. He leaves next Wednesday, but really we separate on Tuesday, and from then until Friday I am in a trio, which will be interesting to see how that goes.
        So Monday was a complete flop in regards to work. We had played basketball and then we ended up going to dinner at a members house, but we had to wait for the husband to get home. So we got done around eight, because I don't really know why. Then we just went home after the other Elders dropped us off at our car, because it was 8:45 and we had no set appointments.
        Tuesday we had some good lessons and appointments, we also had an oil change. So I got some extra study time and scripture marking time for a lesson we were going to be doing on the Plan of Salvation, which when it came to the lesson it was a rebuke of the false doctrine that not all people are children of God and you need to read The Book of Mormon. If people would sincerely read The Book of Mormon how much greater our success would be and, wow, so much is dependent on this one book, and we are paralyzed without it. Well we did splits to try doing two lessons at once. One with a man named Rigo, who reads but never comes to church and he is super hard to contact, and the other with a neighbor of a member. I took a member to Rigo's, but he wasn't there so we tried some other people. Then we decided to offer our help to these people moving some tools. Then we tried to explain to this Catholic guy some of our beliefs, but he wouldn't hear it. So I just let him rail on me, because it is Spanish and I can't fight him but I could prove him wrong. Ya it frustrated me. Then we went and had a lesson with a MA family and it was good. They are going to do better about reading The Book of Mormon, Yah!!!!
          Wednesday we had a super long zone training and also it was so cold they canceled school, the wimps. It was only 10 degrees Farenheight but supposedly it was supposed to be colder and work, such as construction jobs, were cancelled. There was set a maximum of 15 min. outside due to the cold temperatures, but that doesn't really matter because we have a car. We got two good mini lessons in and I felt like it went well over all, except for the hour or more over zone training but whatever.
         Thursday we got two great Member presents with our bishop, he is such a great guy I love working with him. We also went to dinner at Grand China Buffet and I gave out a Book of Mormon, it was awesome.
           Friday we had a good weekly planning session and, sadly, we didn't find anyone at home. We had dinner with the Ortega Family. Hermana loves me because I love her food and I compliment it, and I am a hard worker  and she can see it I am the obedient one. She feeds me and Pao despite her not liking Pao, which is kind of sad but he offended her in my first transfer. Saturday was also slow not really finding anyone, but we are working on our potentials.
             Sunday we had a super cool member present where we had me rebuke the investigator and the member fix it up and make them feel better . It was so nice, the Spirit was strong, and I think that they are now going to start to read The Book of Mormon for real, even if just a verse a day. I am excited to see their progress.
I love you all and this gospel and I will write you next week
LOVE Logan J. Draper the Elder Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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