Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Transfers, Ceviche, Milk and Blah

Dear Family and Friends
          This has been an exciting and interesting week. I have a new companion, his name is Elder Paonessa. Elder Johnson is in Storm Lake, Iowa and ya it is kind of sad, but I will see him next transfer at Spanish Conference. So now, as I forgot my planner from last transfer, I will simply tell you all the important and cool things.
           So Tuesday after district meeting we went to the Guaca Maya for taco Tuesday, but it is only a dinner thing. So we just did the buffet instead. So it was pretty good, also we found out that a missionary that should have come out with me but got sick in the MTC and then went home and then came back out, got sick again and so he got sent home. He is such a cool missionary. After he went home, Johnson and I were talking. He was saying that it is okay that he is being sent home, because he has already changed, and become convereted. I gave him my copy of the talk from the guy in our ward who went to mexico and dad's phone number, so he could meet the guy. His name is Elder Espinoza.
           Wednesday I don't really remember to much of what happened, but it was a pretty good day.
           Thursday, the day we find out about transfers. So, we get up and start into the normal routine and we are going along, and the night before we had made sure that the APs and President Weston's ringtones were unique from everyone else's. Well, we got a phone call and it was a generic ringtone. So we were confused, but then when it said APs we realized that they had two phones. So Elder Johnson was informed that he would be a DL in Storm Lake. He asked "So who is Draper getting?" and Elder Edwards said, "You probably already know." and, Johnson replied, "Pao is pretty on top of things but tell me anyways." and he said, "Elder Paonessa" and just chuckled. Well this was especially funny because, while I was showering, Elder Paonessa had called Johnson to say that I was going to be getting Elder Wilson. So long story short, I surprised Pao. So we went and visited people and said fair wells for Elder Johnson and stuff.
            Friday we got Pao packed and moved down to south side. We had a lesson with a LA, who is smoking, and he was saying that he could beat me in a race even with smoking, because I was telling him that he was getting unhealthy and killing himself. So I took him on his race challenge, it was maybe thirty yards. I smoked him, (no pun intended ;) ). So that was fun. I taught him, I haven't worked out you go to the gym and I kicked your trash? God gave me the victory, and you know it, so will you stop smoking dope and cigarettes and run!
             Saturday I had a good full day of work. It was really hard to find people, but it was possible every now and then. So I am going to be hopefully getting more success. We are going through our area book and getting ready to turn south Omaha into a baptismal factory, ha ha we are excited. So I took Elder Paonessa to dinner at El Catrin a Mexican restaurant. Last time I was there both Johnson and our ward mission leader's wife had ceviche and it is so good so I got some myself, it was delicious. The JWs (Jehovah Witnesses) stole a guy in our apartment complex from us, but we will steal him back.
             Sunday was good I got the runs from my ceviche. I was hungry, so I got some cereal and basically the milk curdled in my stomach. I threw up and had the runs Sunday morning and I have been throwing up periodically ever since and having the runs. It is awful .I don't know exactly what to do. I am going to get some crackers and put myself on the BRATTY diet. So that should be good, but it was awful because I felt so crappy. During Priesthood I got up and had my companion, the other Elders, and a member come and give me a blessing. It helped, especially since I threw up two minutes later and felt like a million bucks. Honestly, the blessing has helped, even though it hasn't taken all the syptoms away.
          I love you all and thanks for your prayers for me, please include if possible a little something extra for Elder Paonessa. He has had a hard life. His dad kicked him out of his house and he had to sell his car and every other non-essential thing of his that he wouldn't need after his mission to get out here. He doesn't really have much to go back to please pray for him. He is a great missionary and he simply needs Love.

Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Last night he wanted to go to the other elders and I said no, because it was exactly 9:30 when we got home and I still had to pack. I couldn't go, so I made him angry with me. I just pray he can understand soon. He is ready to be normal again, where the small things aren't sins. Please pray for us. I have a hard assignment, from the mission president, to love him and keep him going until the end

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