Monday, December 29, 2014

It didn't snow but NOW it did!

Dear Family and Special Friends and other random penguins(as it is cold)
         I am happy to report that my week was fantabulous. Despite my random craziness and lack of good numbers, due to some stupid sacking ZLs, but they are good people, so they will be forgiven.
          Tuesday kind of sucked. We got one lesson then we found out, oh hey don't forget exchanges, and we had exchanges and our area died that day. :( So we got only one lesson in our area and that was one of our big work days.
           Wednesday we had two lessons, after a super long Zone training which everyone liked the theme to but not the way the presenter presented. Ya I won't name names but one of the themes was YOU can change the members through faith and get them involved in working with you, but the presenter added the stupid phrase you can't change your companion, um Huh? I basically got the point but the other Elders didn't and at the lunch after I gave my agreement to them, but then expounded the points of the gospel that he meant to say and how we have a responsibility to take charge as the people on the frontline of the missionary effort and it turned into a cool discussion. We had a meeting with the brothers of the guy who I smoked in a race and they were seeing the reverse happen of what I promised them if they came to church. What I mean by reverse is a consequence to not coming to church, they are getting the inverse of my promise. Wow God really is involved in missionary work, and he will make things happen to get the stiffnecked to turn their heads and see.
                Thursday, Christmas Day, I got to open presents and then we visited a member before going and visting another family, so I could Skype home which you all know about. It was super cool and I really liked the discussion!
              Friday we went and worked, and we got three lessons and two new investigators. It was awesome, one of the investigators who I am teaching is also here in the library. I will, soon maybe if the Spirit lets me, ask him why he didn't come to church on Sunday. So ya he needs to start following commitments.
               Saturday The Zone leaders said "we want to come talk to you guys during lunch"' and we were like "sure." Well they got there after lunch and stayed there for two and a half hours. They consumed most, if not all, of the day being sacks.  I am frustrated with that because they were coming to see if Paonessa was okay but ya we played basketball with the youth and we locked up the church, drove home, got some gas, and some guy came up to me and tried to pay me for a ride. We said "Sorry, we can't give you a ride. It is just a rule we have." I implied parents and I said, "it isn't my car" and he was like "oh this is a minor" and he left me alone. Well it was funny because we got home and then we got ready for bed, then Elder Paonessa remembered he left one of the doors to the church unlocked with a door propping it open. So we tried contacting an English bishop to get him to go close the door. But he was like "no that is your job morons" and we were like "it is 10:15." Well he adamantly refused. So the APs had to call father Brunn because the members wouldn't listen to a missionary. So we owe father Brunn lunch, but that isn't bad.
                 Sunday we had four lessons. We found another investigator and it was super awesome.  We are going to rock this area and get some real improvement and change and get some baptisms.
I love you all Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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