Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving week

Dearest Family Friends and pets who like chicken or turkey
            I am doing awesome, but kind of sad but still Awesome! So Monday we again met with the family that we basically were marriage counselors to. And well we were there rather late the last time we were there, we didn't get home until 10:20 and luckily the bishop has taken over. So we don't have to, and ya we are 18 and 20 but ya.
           Tuesday was district meeting and it went well. We were challenged by a visiting Seventy (he had a meeting with the leaders the week before) that we need to have 4 baptisms a month and pray for miracles. He basically rebuked the crap out of our leadership, and we should for sure starting in March had 70 baptisms a month as a mission from that point on, NO LESS. So we need to step it up andale (come on)! Well we then went to the Trail Center after picking up a humidifier from the church that Johnson forgot to grab, since it was being passed from member to member thing. Then we went to the Trail Center to host the Gingerbread Festival for a while. Then we went back to our area and had dinner with our ward mission leader and that was good. Then we had a super sweet lesson with one of our little girls, and here is why it is sad and AWESOME! So we taught her and after our lesson we were talking to her about her baptism and she was telling us, "I can't go to church this Sunday because I have to go stay with my dad for Thanksgiving." And we were like, "No, sorry" :( and she said "Well I guess I am going to have to stay here so I can go to church and get baptized on the 6th of December." Well that didn't work out which is good as she got to visit her dad, but we were able to move it to the 13th and we got her friend set for the 20th of December. So that is totally awesome! And they are progressing
              Wednesday we had a good meeting with one of the recent converts in our area and then we picked up dry cleaning and then played basketball with the youth. That was fun, though I don't think it was the most productive the other Elders did so I went along, and did some studying before I played.
               Thanksgiving! We got three lessons, which according to the Elders is a record for a holiday. So that was good. We had some good food with the Mejia Familia (Family) and they cook well, both the mom and dad, which is rare for a guy to cook in a Hispanic home. So he earned some bonus points. We are having fun with a part member family where we are teaching the sons of a RC and they are progressing and they probably won't get baptized till next year it is still worth it.
                Friday we got one of the girls set for baptism on the 20th, and it was awesome! And we got another RC lesson, so reminding y'all read your scriptures every night or listen to them. Oh and we went on exchanges and taught the brother of this disabled Jehovah's Witness dude. And we can't fight the guy in a wheelchair who isn't all the way there, so ya it stinks for the other guys. We had dinner with the bishop and helped his neighbor move a piano. OH and our bishop is moving to the DR (Dominican Republic) to do a job there for a year. :(  
                 Saturday we did weekly planning and it was good. We taught two lessons and ya it was an uneventful day. 
              Sunday we got in two lessons and they were good. We have some hard LAs to work with and ya it was difficult. We don't know what their problem is, and ya we are doing our best. Hopefully we can help them to come around and get in the Gospel.
             Well that is about it
Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Elder Logan J. Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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