Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Dear Family Friends, and Santa's helpers
          I am doing super duper awesome despite some disappointments, but that is for a little bit later in the letter.
           Tuesday we had district meeting and then, because of craziness, we ended up going to the Trail Center to be hosts for the Gingerbread House Festival thing. That was fun, we talked to some great people and we got them to go upstairs to check out to other gingerbread houses and then onto a tour. So we had a 75% success rate with getting people on a tour because of Gingerbread! So that was awesome. Then we met with David and his son Cristian, and we dropped David because he didn't want to do the work to join the church because everything else is too important. We also got a sweet lesson with the brother and the sons of a recent convert and the Anti-Mormon we are masons uncle of the boys actually backed us up when we taught about prayer so it was super cool. And I think they will make some awesome progress. Well we also found out from the north Elders that the Hermanas were visiting their less active and they texted "thanks for the respect"
             Wednesday we had a good day, we got six "he is the gift" cards passed out and we are going to visit more with an extremely apostate, less active 17 year old. And it will be hilarious because he doesn't really have any concept of the gospel. He denies everything about it because he wants, or wanted, to sin. Now he doesn't want to come back because I think he thinks he can't repent, which he can it might just take a while but he is a pretty good kid. We had a meeting with the bishop to follow up on missionary work. So the sisters gave us cards with attributes they liked about us, basically saying we are trying to be friends and we respect you. The other Elders were like "they are trying to butter us up ya duh ya duh"
             Thursday we had a good lesson on the Law of Chastity, we made it modesty, with our 10 year old girl. So that was good, and we were getting her ready for baptism. And then that night we came across the sisters in our area, and then it kept getting to be a bigger and bigger deal for them. So ya it was a mess.
             Friday we did our weekly planning and we had dinner with a super cool family in the north Elders area. And it is fun to visit the recent converts and reactivated members, because they come back stronger. And I calculated how much time we spend out of our lives studying scriptures and going to church, if we were perfect since we were born only 21% but we all now it is may be in reality more like 18%. And one of our members got permission to come out with us on visits, after not being allowed to for a while, so it was awesome!!!
            Saturday was Ward party day we played basketball at the church with the youth, then we set up. And during the party I danced, because I was forced into a dance circle thing and the members are liking me more. I also took a chance to talk to the Hermanas about the whole thing, and they could be area poachers but it doesn't matter. I extended the hand of friendship saying, "The other Elders don't want to work with you, but I will do what I can. But be honest, have you been "area poaching?"" and it was a negative. So we decided to work together, and when Johnson saw me talking to Hermana Carlson he was like get some! Then he realized I don't, and wouldn't, do that and he then realized what I was trying to do and repented. We got everything settled with the Hermanas from the position of southside northside is still angst.
              Sunday was good and we had a meeting with the bishop where he rebuked the other Elders and me because I am with them on the contention between us, and ya it was awesome. We have had peace restored. That is my week. I love you, and I can't wait to write you next week either from here or a new area.
Love Elder L.J. Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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