Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas and Birthdayness

Dear Family and Friends and the other interested parties who are not named because I know thee not 
            I have had a good week! We were fortunate enough to have Zone Conference on my Birthday and that was super cool because I got my packages that Day! And we then took a picture of the missionaries, and right before the picture they all sang to me. It was kind of embarrassing and cool all at the same time. We also did a white Elephant gift exhange, I did some groceries and a tie that Elder Cabazes left. So it would have been sweet had an Elder gotten it, but a senior couple got it. Well I got this mason jar mug thing but I traded a sister for an Electric type writer and a chocolate bar. Well the only thing wrong with the typewriter is the ribbon has all been used up and I will need to find some. Well this week, in working, was a disaster and work wise I have nothing to report. Elder Paonessa worked on his citizenship papers and we also went and helped host Gingerbread Festival at the Trail Center.
              Well we had a hiccup when Alexis didn't quite pass her baptismal interview on the first go. Her problem was there were three or four other girls trying to sit in on it, and trying to have it as a lesson. Well that doesn't work and I wasn't there, because we had to do splits for that so it was interesting. I got to go to a dinner appointment, which was difficult because I hadn't eaten very much at all the past couple days. I could only eat half the amount that they gave Elder Maradiaga and I. I was with him because his car is stupid and they had to take his driving privileges for a transfer. 
              Well then Thursday we went over and did a huge baptismal review for Alexis. We went through all the things she didn't understand, and clarified and made sure she understood what she was going to be doing. 
              Well she passed her interview and she got baptized the 20th of December and confirmed on the 21st. It was such a cool day, we were so happy for her. I was sorry Johnson missed it and I am glad I didn't baptize her, because I may have wanted to give her a hug but it was super cool. I got to participate in her confirmation as well and it was so cool, both times the spirit was super strong. I can see the fire in her eyes, she made the right decisions. I am so happy for her and I can't wait to see her either later today and tomorrow and talk about her experience. 
           So that sums up my week everyone. Sorry it is short, but we will have a chance to talk on Thursday. I love you I miss you all, but I know I am whrere I am supposed to be. I have been called to reap in a harvest and to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. As to my strength I know I am weak, but God is my strength and in His power we can perform many mighty miracles even bring one soul unto Christ. I am grateful for this Christmas season to celebrate the birth of the Christ child and to become a better disciple and to begin a new year and have new beginings. 
Love Logan Joseph Draper

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