Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Big Letter for this week

Dear family and friends
         I have had an annoying and eventful, and yet uneventful week. Basically I have been along the whole roller-coaster. Monday we did our stuff and visited with people and invited the LA, who is now not a LA, (his name is Kevin and he is the one I help with math) to pray about and prepare to go on a mission. And it was cool.
           Tuesday we had the worst day, in my mind, EVER! We literally got nothing done. We had to take our car to the dealership for a recall and then it was supposed to only be a couple hour thing, well it was long but not that long. And Elder Paonessa is a narcissist, because the world revolves around him and despite the fact that I said, when they called us to tell us our car was done, "we need to go get our car, they close at six." He was like, "no not now." Well later he was like, "so should we go get your car?" Note it is 8:00 at night, and we were like, "no it closed at six" and he was like, "oh I thought they were open, I guess I figure if I am out working everyone else is too." So ya that threw us off. We got nothing done that entire day, NOTHING.
            Wednesday it was better, we stayed over with them so we could go to Zone Training and it was good. We went to lunch after to a place called HU HOT and it was good. The funny thing is I was the only one who carried my BoM in with me, and the lady when paying forgot to run my card even though it was in its little folder thingy and well she said "you know what don't worry about it" So I got free lunch and I gave her a BoM, so two birds one stone. We had a good lesson with Kevin again and he is definitely going to go on a mission, he is going to pray about it and we think he has been studying so it was awesome! Then Luis and Juan, less active and they are twins, we finally had the hard lesson about going to church and changing your lives around, and it was good.
            Thursday we had Exchanges so it was me and Elder Paonessa and it wasn't bad. He slept in until about 10:30, he woke up the same time as me but he went back to bed once the alarms were off. We got two pretty good lessons in with our investigators. But things never work out for some reason.
              Friday sucked but it wasn't really our fault, but it kind of was. It really was just Crazy. We got a mid transfer greenie named Elder Espinoza, he is cool and he should have arrived when I did but he got sick in the CCM and so he went home for a bit. He is cool, and after Johnson he is the Elder I would like to serve with. The reason it sucked is because we tried arranging our day so we could pick him up at the appointed time, but then it got thrown under the bus because time changed. But it wasn't to bad we were going to go to Meet the Mormons with Luis and our investigator Roberto, but it didn't work out. Since we had already gotten tickets for the three of us we went to the movie anyways. It was so cool, I suggest going to see it if possible.
                Saturday we were going to finish weekly planning after Espinoza left and as we were leaving to go work the other Elders showed up at our place and were like, "want to go get lunch?" I was like "no we already ate and I told you earlier NO" but guess what everyone is a softie and we went. And it was a huge time killer and it killed our miles a little bit, but it worked out and we handed over Espinoza later than planned so it also killed our timing. Johnson and I are at odds with each other because he is trying to keep "district unity," which is important, but I don't want to lie down and just do what the other Elders want to do because they don't freaking want to work. And then it kills us, because I don't want to go against Johnson and since Johnson doesn't want to go against them we do things there way, and Waste God's time. Really it simply, in my opinion, sucks and Johnson is right, we need to maybe consider the other Elders as LA and help them but the question then is how. I figure making their only real option work is best, Johnson wants to take the social friend approach. You could say I don't have charity for them, that is at least what he said to me but I do have charity for them. I just don't have infinite patience for them and I might have to "drop them." Well I kind of did actually because, skipping Sunday for a moment, today we had a little chat of why we seemed pissed at Pao. And it came down to, I am pissed that we waste time and don't do the needed things and you just want to have "fun" first then maybe work. So we won't be going to lunch with them anymore, and that pissed Johnson off at me, but there is only so much we can do. And really he wants to chill and still work hard, which is why we have P-day. So ya, I am frustrated with everyone because I can't do what I know to be right and please everyone. So I have decided if I can't please everyone I will please GOD.
                 Sunday, stayed over at the other Elders' place and then went to church. We had a good ward council and a good fast and testimony meeting. But Pao was pissed that we mentioned the Ward Soccer activity during ward council, because he considers it his activity and he doesn't like not being the boss. And so that is that, he is pissed at us for that but whatever. I don't have to deal with him ever again after this transfer unless we go whitewash an area. So I am safe
Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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