Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Week of Weeks and crazy weird conversations

Dear Family and Friends
        We had a good week, a fantastic week. Numbers were not where they could of been, but we were following God's guidance and he really doesn't care about numbers like I do. And that is good because numbers are good, getting good numbers and having a couple good lessons is better, but following God 100% is Best. That is what I feel we did as best we could with what we had to do. We are working with Kevin and Manny, two young men, on going on missions. Manny has the papers and Kevin doesn't, but we are going to change that. They are growing so much in their faith. Manny has been helping us in our lessons with Moses, and now Moses is going to come to Church because of Manny. The power of a pure Spirit and a member present lesson, that was Sunday the 26th and ya it rocked. We found one of our Maria's, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she had some misconceptions and it was awesome, because in the car before lesson we decided to have her read Alma 40 and it is about the resurrection, and guess what her misconception and her problem was? It was the Resurrection! It was a cool little miracle, if this week could have a title it really should be little miracles. I am so blessed to be in Omaha, to work with the people I do. If I hadn't come here I don't think the match would be good as it could have been. Johnson and I are working together in unity and we are connecting with the people. We connect in different ways, but between the two of us and our personalities we cover everyone.
         We met with our crazy anti-Mormon investigator Chito again this week, and it was crazy we got him to simply text us his questions. And we have nine questions to answer, some are simple, some are doctrinal points that other churches have that disagree with us. So we are excited to work with him, since his sister is a member, but we are going to take it slow, play our basketball, then have a mini lesson. Another miracle is his nephew, the recent convert's son, believes us. He is just not ready to act since he is in his teens, but I think we can maybe baptize him in the next transfer. I loved what he said, "Chito is crazy man he believes everything he finds on the internet." Oh how sad and true, but we love Chito. He is a cool guy and he really honestly wants to find the truth, he is just scared to be led away by deceiving men.
          Probably one of my favorite people is Hermana Urquidez, she is such a sweet and humble lady and wants to do everything right. She has given up so many bad habits for herself, her husband, her children, her membership in the Church, and Christ. She has done a complete 180 degree turn. She is back in her house, after the gang forced them out. I have such great love for her and her husband, they are so humble and willing to serve us when they need the help. I can see in many ways where God has prepared me to help them. I love these people and we have had some great conversations with them, we are going to for sure teach their neighbors. Hopefully we will be able to baptize them in the next transfer as well, so this next transfer might explode with baptisms and we are so ready. The only sowing part is over, and it is time to start gathering in. Father, or Brother, Bruun is the guy who, I believe, is the Stake Young Men's President and he came up to Johnson and said, "Have you ever been kicked in the but by an old man?" Johnson replied, "No Sir," and to which Father Bruun said, "Do you think you will be today son?" and Johnson smartly replied, "Yes Sir." Well he basically said to us, "I am coming out with you this week, whether you want me to or not and I dare you to say no." He is so funny and he said, "Do you run in the mornings? I don't think you do, Tuesday morning get up at 6:15, run three miles and call me to tell me you did it, and we know what happens if you lie." So Tuesday morning Johnson and I are running three miles minimum. And it is so funny, and we are excited to go work with him and with the youth.
              Johnson had the cool opportunity to see some of his recent converts at the Trail Center on Saturday, and it was so sweet for him. I love my trainer, man he really is the best. We are different ends of the spectrum, coming from different directions, but we are one in faith, heart, purpose and it is cool to get back on the same team and see success. So that is my week, it may not be as organized as week pasts, but it was a much better week with amazing miracles of things that happened.
               Create miracles in your lives my friends, study the Book of Mormon Daily, pray about it and find some principle, or principles, to apply everyday The best manual for life is the Book of Mormon, you just need to look for answers. How to pray for answers better, how to trust in God more, how to repent, how to raise children it is all there. I love you all and I miss you, but I don't. So TWENTY more months it is.
      Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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