Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference, Investigators and going the wrong Way

Dear Friends and Family
         I have had an interesting week, the definite highlight of coolness and adventures was Conference. I will start at the beginning and then go to the present as usual, because I am a creature of habit so deal with it because you love me and I love you. 
         We had district meeting early on Tuesday so we could go into interview with President Weston on time, and they were good, we had a good discussion. I am only speaking  Spanish, or at least I am trying. It is hard when you have to work with English speakers and stuff so ya, my goal kind of died but I am keeping it alive. We were told by the senior couple in our district to threaten a kid who is apostate, who used to be in their Sunday School classes. So we gave him a note and it was interesting, he really doesn't care what happens in the end with his rebelliousness. An Alma the Younger wouldn't work, sadly. ;( 
               Wednesday, the Big day, we had four lessons which is good. We taught the restoration twice to new investigators, so we got two news, which rocked. The Really cool guy, who we usually teach on Sundays, we almost lost him because he doesn't feel that we can or needs to come back to church and we had the doubts lesson and it was awesome. We are praying for him. 
                Thursday we had exchanges and nothing worked out at all, like nothing.Iit was crazy, oh and I forgot to mention our car went into the shop the week before so we got it back on Thursday and it is nice, they even cleaned it for us which rocked so nice because now it smells good! like really Good. We then got back together earlier than planned and we were able to go to our appointments like we liked and we had a cool lesson on reading the scriptures and fasting and praying for help and answers to questions, and it was cool. 
               Friday we had weekly planning and we gave out a BoM without leaving our apartment, because the apartment people finally sent someone to fix our carpet, and it was cool so we are hopefully going to track the guy down and start teaching him or refer him  to the north Elders. No one came to soccer, so it was sad, and the one lesson that worked out the guy just wanted to fight  with us. Oddly enough that is how we had predicted it would go in the role-play we did, so that was funny. 
               Saturday we had stayed over with the other Elders to help save their miles, because we have lots. Well we had to go get Johnson's shoes because he forgot them and that was funny. Well we had Elder Maradiaga plug in the address of the closest stake center which was close by actually it was in Pappillion well he put the city as OMAHA, instead of being in North Pappillion we were in NORTH OMAHA. And we were twenty minutes from the nearest stake center before we turned around, we had said "this isn't right," but then we would all silence them with "no, we are fine." We all took our turns but ya. We were forty minutes late, when we maybe would have been ten minutes late, so we basically missed the first half of the first session so I would like a copy in English of the Conference Ensign. But it was funny, we are always late when we are with them, and it is so annoying but what can you do. 
                  Sunday was better, we did it by ourselves since the other Elders begged their way into member homes and Johnson and I just go with it and are chill. Some of the members like us better, and some like them better. Well we have a ton of Extra miles and we could go to Sioux City and Everyone but me wanted to go, so I consented if we could get permission and Elder Paounessa said, "oh I give us permission to go," Well funny thing is, he doesn't have the authority and we asked the Zone Leaders because I made Johnson do which he was grateful for, and they said "NO you can't go to Sioux City." So I was relieved to not be in Sioux City today. Well Pao was mad, as expected, but ya he is not a God Fearing man but my week was good.We played volleyball and basketball in Council Bluffs and it was fun and that sums up my week. I will tell you more in my box-package-letter thing I am sending to you because I still need to send the Ipod home, shhh don't tell. 
I Love you all 
Logan Joseph Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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