Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Dear Family and Friends
         To be completely honest this past week wasn't much better than last, due to lack of success. But it was better because of my attitude and not having to deal with the other Elders as much, though we still had to a fair amount. I appreciate everyone's love and concern for me, and I received my package and it was awesome. I am now ready for winter and it is going to be fun. I am preparing for a sweet week! We have our meal calendar full, which makes Johnson happy. One it saves us money; two, because he was only given forty dollars this month and he only had twenty to start so now he is down to 14 :( but we will make it until the end of the month. I would have more but I bought a better Spanish to English dictionary and it has grammar rules in it to so that makes it so super cool.
           To be honest most of my week was people not being home and then rescheduling and then it falling through, because they did something or the other Elders did something. We are still having to play nice with them. Well, I actually already tried having the hard conversation with Elder Johnson. And it came down to him, in his mind, district unity or fighting over the, "little things." We are getting along, but we definitely have a bit of tension at times over that. Because to him if he doesn't have fun he isn't living the right way, and I said if we aren't working for success while we are in proselyting time we aren't living the way the Lord wants us to live and act. If you want to know some of where I am coming from there is a great YouTube mix of Holland and Eyring giving talks to the new mission presidents, it is huge about the atonement how it is for missionaries and investigators.* I bet Travis can find it. We still haven't come to much of a consensus. I kind of have let Elder Johnson win for now, because he likes to make me look like a hypocrite when we fight. He Said, "If you are so committed to building Zion, and you yourself said that you believe God has established Missions to teach us about Zion and unity, then why are you so eager to go against what you said." Well I think I can come up with a good response to that but I am going to hold my peace. I am sorry for the vent but I need it. I have been working as hard as I can to make my ward and my area progress. I have put the nose to the grindstone and I don't feel it is appreciated, it is respected but never appreciated.
               However I would like to move on and share some funny stories from this week, in no particular order. First, last night we came out to our car from a lesson with a part member family ,which was cool we watched the restoration video and invited them to pray to come closer to God and it rocked!, and there on our windshield was a flier for a fireside from Mafia to Mormon. Then there was some sticky notes and a pass along card, and in summary it was Trail Center Sisters telling us to get out of their area. They were telling us to not area poach, well to put things in perspective of why this is funny: 1. My area is bigger than their area 2. my area is bigger than the zone they live in. So the rule 'don't leave your zone' does not apply to us and we can go wherever we want, so Ha ha ha ha. It was funny, Johnson and I had a riot.
               Next we had a lesson with a brother and the son of a RC (recent convert) and it was funny because they really don't know what they believe. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation, then after he started going into government conspiracies and how there were once people who were 36 feet tall and were supposedly half man half angel and they had super powers and were the original pharaohs of Egypt. Ya it was funny because Johnson and I didn't know what to do with them then. So we are going to fix that little piece of blasphemy next lesson.
                And finally, and sadly, I had a conversation with a LA who is very apostate. Basically I destroyed his position and I can't convince him of why he was wrong, but I would always try to focus on testifying but he wanted to make an argument by asking me clever questions which I always answered fully correctly and flawlessly. So it was funny because he can argue against everyone but me. So he asks trick questions and uses different interpretations of things that I had to account for, but I won. Go Team Christ.
            So my dear family and friends that is the big stuff, so here is the boring summary. Today we played volleyball, and I blocked two balls that were coming over the net as the person tried spiking it. Sunday, went to church, oh, I spoke on temples and their importance. And I have a runny snotty nose, which just won't stop!
           Saturday, basketball with the Ward and trying to find people who are apperating somewhere, curse you Harry Potter! (by the way why is being a harry gardner bad? ;) ) Well that is some stuff. I will need to go now. I love you all, I am doing much better. We are all getting along and I am sharing my candy, when they play nice. Thanks for all your love and support.
Elder Logan Joseph Draper
I'm signing out until next week!

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