Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Investigator Hitting on Me

Dear Family and Friends
        Don't worry too much about the title. I had a up and down week with both good and bad, funny and sad. So the highlight was probably the title, so you will find that out soon enough.
          Last Monday P-day and the start of the new transfer, and so a nice new planner. We visited with a LA and he is cool and we helped him with his Girl problem, because his friend who says he is helping him is more like throwing him under the bus, but at least his friend is trying to do something.
           Tuesday I gave a training at district meeting on obedience to the order of heaven, and basically it was designed, as were the orders of Elder Paonessa, the DL, to say stay in your area. Well I gave a good training and made it more towards if we are disobedient we can't receive revelation and I basically laid down the law and stuff, and it was kind of funny because Pao had the map and he was like boundaries activity and then the sisters said, well I'm going home and I'm going to Grand Island Omaha is all yours for two transfers and here is our area book, don't take anything out of there, and we were like okay ya sure. Went to dinner at the Pachecos and somehow my tie bar fell off as I was getting out of the car and I stepped on it and when I pulled it out of my shoe I bent it and so it is sad because I tried fixing it but I broke one of the spires. (It was the Brigham City one :( ) so that night kind of sucked and we looked through the sisters area book when I was on exchanges with Elder Maradiaga. And well, to put it simply half of the sisters' people were in our areas! and they even had it color coded and separated into Elders areas and regular their area! I was annoyed that sisters would be as arrogant to label it that way and to go over miles by close to five hundred miles each three weeks when they already had 900 but the other Elders were livid truly livid, but it was kind of funny to see their reactions. :)
            Wednesday I worked Elder Maradiagas area and it was entertaining. Johnson and I were happy to be able to go back to being with each other after that.
             Thursday, the day of funniness. We had a lesson with our first investigator in her dress shop and it was good and then another investigator came in at the end, then we taught her the same thing then their friend who also works their came in, and we then taught her well this third lady was funny because she said to the other ladies "I love his hair don't you?! He is so Chulo"- thought translation as good looking or really nice kind of like guapo- well then I started teaching her and she was like "keep talking chulo." Then she said "He sounds so chulo when he talks his accent is so Chulo", later she was like "Look at his eyes they are so beautiful he is a definite Chulo." Then some guy who was there, probably a friend she wants to be his novia (girlfriend) and she was like "I could be his mom, I just think he is very Chulo especially when he talks," and he said "ya you're right, they probably just knock doors to find novias" (she had also called Johnson Chulo) and she said "God rebuke the Devil" and Johnson and I just looked at each other and chuckled but what really makes this funny is she is talking super fast and I am understanding everything but I have no clue what chulo means so I am lost and Johnson is just laughing, I am lost. Then after we left Johnson decided he would tell me, we are still laughing about it even today we just chuckle, but that lady is a new investigator so that will help out we hope. And Travis she used to be a Bruja so she told us a bit about her experiences and ya it was interesting.  One of our families, in the projects, has to leave because a boyfriend was beating his pregnant girlfriend and they called the police and they [the police] came and saved her. And then the gang found out it was them [the family] so they drove them out and we happened to decide to go back, and it was the first day they had been back, and we helped them move out.
       Friday I got kind of sick and we did service and weekly planning, so it was a good day for that to happen verses another day.
       Saturday we got another new investigators and it will be really cool, he is the friend of a LA and we are going to get them to quit smoking so it will be nice to see how that goes.
        Sunday was good, we had to speak in sacrament meeting. I actually gave a five minute talk like we were supposed to, everyone else was short so that was good. We are going to be getting some great member support and I can't wait to see how that goes.
I love you all Love
Elder Draper

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