Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zone Conference, Exchanges, and the Get Trunky Quick Plan

May 23, 2016
Dear Family and Friends,
        This is another one of our exciting weeks here in the Nebraska Omaha Mission. We just completed our Zone Conferences in the areas not in Omaha, It was a really good week and so here is your report day by day 
      Monday we did our Usual Preparation Day relaxing and Visiting with the Other Elders nothing too crazy or exciting and we had some good times and took care of business such as cleaning then we had a member Dinner and FHE (Family Home Evening) our message was a quick scripture because me mainly helped her and her family get the computer figured out because it had some issues and we showed her how to download the Gospel Library app and get to it and that was good, then we went and found one of our investigators home and taught him from the plan of salvation how we are children of our Heavenly Father and how we lived with him before this life in Heaven as his spirit sons and Daughters and his Sister showed a bit of interest and we set  return appointment
       Tuesday was our Zone Conference I got to see some of my missionary friends before I go home. The Lincoln North and South Zones came to Grand Island and the rest of the Kearney Zone was here in GI as well so there was I think 73 or so missionaries it was cool. We talked a lot about how to be more effective in working with our members and being worthy Conduits for the Holy Ghost and then sister Gardner gave a great training on the Lies of the Devil the things that he throws at us to distract us, and she said we need to say when he sends those to call him out and remind him that he is being a Lying Liar Lieface! so that was funny I had never thought I would see sister Gardner say that, but she did and she got it from Arthur! that is what made it cool we sadly didn't get to watch the clip but that was okay. Well we also had the Housing people from the mission office install a carbon Monoxide/smoke detector combo in our apartment and it was funny they liked our little room but they did think it was kind of crazy that it was so small but it was nice they wanted to steal our book shelves but they were the Abshers so Ha ha ha we won Member Housing is sweet! then we went and saw an investigator and he had started reading in 3 Nephi 11 like we had committed him too and it was sweet because he had a question about why the people didn't understand the voice when they heard it the first time and then we taught about how the Holy Ghost works and how often times we don't listen but we still fill his influence and then we slowly realize that God is trying to get a hold of us. Like when you get a phone call and the phone is on vibrate but you're walking so you don't feel it until you sit down and have that quiet moment you realize someone is trying to call you but you were just to busy and preoccupied to listen because you thought what you were doing was more important etc... and it was a sweet lesson!
       Wednesday We drove to North Platte to have exchanges with the Zone Leaders we just did work in their area we saw some nice people, I don't remember every bodies names but it was good it is just a smaller version of Grand Island so that is fun I guess.
        Thursday we came back had lunch with a member and that was good we are going to be helping her pick out some toys for her grand kids next time she takes us out to lunch because they are little boys and so we were like okay whatever you say but that will be fun I guess. We saw one of our returning members she was doing very well she is a super sweet lady, we had a fun conversation with her and invited her again to church so hopefully she will get back in the habit of coming she needs the blessings of God, we all do, but her husband is in and out of the hospital with a heart condition so we are going to have to go see her and visit with him too to see what we can do to help. We then went to see an investigator Eugenia and Pepe they are such cool Cubans I don't know why but they are so sweet, It think it is because they have had such difficult things they have had to rely a lot on God. we had a good lesson about the Book of Mormon because she has been doing good at reading!
          Friday weekly planning it was good but not the best like usual but it was very effective and that is what makes things happy! we also had a great lunch appointment with the Rubio's where we introduced the new pamphlets to them yes we have new pamphlets so call your missionaries and get them to give you a copy and then you can introduce it to people because it answers lots of cool questions! We then did some service at the Multicultural Coalition translating a thing or two for them and then we just talked and that was good we then went to a lesson with a Less active named Angel he is so cool he is coming back to church and we are going to have him help us with an investigator or two and then we saw Eugenia and Pepe again with Brother Leal and it was a sweet lesson, I am going to have to get some of his story written down I think it will be best shared in person but basically he was Cuban special Forces and he got hurt pretty badly but he came out okay and he also was an Olympic athlete for Judo but ya long story. but Eugenia and Pepe are starting to grasp more the need for the gospel and why the restoration. we are going to have to go visit with Brother Leal and plan out our next lesson to keep the momentum with them.
                  Saturday we saw our Seventh day Adventist investigator who has read the Book of Mormon 4 times and knows its true and also has read D&C and the Pearl of Great price. that went very well. He knows the book of Mormon is true but he still has hang ups on the whole Sabbath day thing and that was kind of the majority of our lesson was that doesn't matter as much and the law of Moses was fulfilled.
      Sunday was great I spoke in church and I didn't find out till 12 and I didn't get time to prepare until about 1 and then I still was mainly pondering not studying, but I got complements from Eugenia and Pepe who came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that I spoke very fluidly and they felt the spirit and I spoke on how the lord always fulfills his promises and the greatest promise is salvation and how God fulfilled his part of the Deal and that it is now our job to obey the commandments out of love and we will receive our rewards! so it was good I felt good about it and the other missionaries came as is our custom, to support each other and Also President Kearl came to so we talked to him and that was nice talking to him and he gave me a few compliments in front of the other missionaries but ya I did do a lot of work with President Kearl in the past. So ya it was good.
          That is my week really we got some good lessons and are making progress and will hopefully be hearing of success from Grand Island in the Future!

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