Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One week down 2 to go

Dear Family and Friends
        This is another crazy week and moment in the life of a missionary when you have less weeks than your companion has months even less days (sort of) than your companion has months. However time does not determine effectiveness nor love of the work of the Lord. So I will inform you of our crazy semi productive week.
         Monday we got hair cuts as I mention So needed my hair was gross, now it is fantastic and awesome and it will be that way for when I come home. Well we did our lazy and somewhat normal preparation day activities we got things clean though! that was nice we then did shopping and  went to see people, all of our plans like to fall apart and that was sad so we went and made some Flyers for our English class and copied them so that was good, the rain has destroyed a couple few.
          Tuesday we had some good stuff planned. We had exchanges and I was in GI with Elder Jones and Elder Porter was in Hastings with Elder Howell and Elder Madsen. They had fun they got lots of lighting and tornado warnings but nothing beyond be alert. We however got nothing, absolutely nothing in Grand Island. We had a good day of work trying people and contacting referrals. We got two other Lessons one just outside with some teenage boys they were fairly receptive and that was cool. The next was with our investigators Rogelio and Anna they are awesome we haven't had much time to teach them but they have been reading from the book of Mormon! That was amazing and we then went out to Saint Libory to plan our lesson with Brother Leal for Thursday with Eugenia and Pepe and that was good. He has a lot of crazy stories. 
            Wednesday we switched back and it was good we went and jumped straight into teaching or trying too. People flaked out on us and it was super sad. but we did service at the multicultural Coalition mainly just sitting there. They don't have to much for us to do, we are hoping to get to talk to Steve, our boss more about his travels in Africa, he apparently has spent more time out of the U.S. than in it which is crazy. we then swung by Eugenia and Pepe's house and they were doing good we had a quick 15 minute lesson with them and reminded them of our appointment on Thursday. We then went to our English Classes and we had two people who I think will be consistent in coming because most people want to learn English and find it useful to learn it even though it is hard. though there are many who are content with just knowing Spanish.  that was the extent of our Wednesday adventures.
             Thursday we got two lessons almost a week record we taught Eugenia, Pepe had to go help a friend fix an air conditioner and so we taught her with brother Leal. It was a good lesson She really is starting to get the Gospel. Then we saw Rossy she is one of the sweetest ladies and we also met her husband and he is a really cool guy he is from El Salvador and she is from Mexico and they are both super sweet they have amazing hearts and we taught them a bit about our responsibilities as God's Children it was awesome!
         Friday we just saw the Xec family and that was great they are struggling Brother Xec is still in Guatemala with immigration papers and she is here as a single mom so it is hard for her the kids are great but not the most helpful bunch. then we did service again at the Multicultural coalition and it was the same as last time not much to do. we also did our weekly planning
          Saturday we did service at the Grand and it was fun (The GRAND Theater). We run concessions and clean up duty afterwards and so that was very amusing to see all the different people there I really liked it we got to talk to the bosses who run the theater since it is actually owned by a board of directors of local store owners not a company or single family franchise. I we also just talked to the other missionaries since we had to be on duty during the movie. we then had a lesson with an investigator then we ran over to a ward party that we were invited to since both the English wards use us as extra man power and so that was fun we got food and watched the other wards members interact with the the sisters. Sister Hall injured her foot so all the girls were wanting to be her helper it was kind of cute and funny, us as Elders we were relegated to a corner. 
           Sunday we went to the GI 2nd ward and listened to President and Sister Gardner speak as well as hear Sister Hall Sing in sacrament it was a great meeting very reverent and very orderly we planned our day for seven lessons and then we only got two it was sad and sacrament had very poor attendance which made things sad too. but it was a good week

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