Monday, May 9, 2016

Transfer Week

Monday May 9, 2016
Dear Family and Friends
         This week has been a bit crazy and also very good with transfers etc.. we are doing well here in GI and we are having fun so here is the official update for the week.
         Monday we hung out with the other missionaries and had lunch with them we then went to a park to play Frisbee golf and it started out pretty well, I was enjoying myself then on the third hole there was a water hazard and it was fine I tossed mine across and I was shooting for a gap in the trees on the other side, and well the wind caught the Frisbee just a little bit and then the Frisbee went up and over just enough to hit a single branch and bounce back and fall into the water I scrambled around the waters edge to get it before it floated away, but luckily with they way it hit it went into the shallow water at a steep angle and sunk so I had to wade to get it and my tie got wet as I bent over to grab it but it was alright but then two other elders proceeded to follow my example. So that was sad because I was used to fetch the Frisbees. However I got par on that hole, the cool thing was there was a tree between me and the hole and I tossed the Frisbee around the tree and sunk it into the hole and it was amazing everybody was awed because the water hazard had gotten them good. Then we went home did our shopping and got cleaned up and then went back out and tried people we tried this investigator named Luis and his sister Anetsa answered so we taught her and part way through our conversation Luis pulled up with his friend and they saw us and drove away. 😢 but that was good.
           Tuesday we got transfer calls and that was crazy because early we got a call from Lincoln Spanish and I was like why are they calling us and I answered and Elder Porter was like I'm going be with you Draper, so that was fun Elder Davey was super excited to leave and go to a new area so that was good he is in Norfolk Nebraska in a trio with Elder Barton and Elder Philips so that is crazy all my old companions are in the Sioux city zone and three of them are now companions! We got a couple of lessons in despite it being crazy packing day so ya we taught Eugenia and Pepe a little bit about missionary work and it was good they are surprised that we don't get paid but it hopefully will click in their brains that this is the true church.
            Wednesday was transfers and that was great and sad at the same time we had to mow the lawn so that took lots of our time once Elder Porter got here since it had been raining during the week, we met this guy named Michael he was white and we got an appointment with him but we did teach a brief restoration on the street, and it was great.
           Thursday we did service for the Leal's helping them move the people they bought their new house from furniture out and that was exciting and because it was more crazy than we had planned we gave the other missionaries Aloe Vera Drinks as compensation for their patience. We also saw Eugenia again and read with her a bit from the book of Mormon and then we dropped an English book of Mormon off to Michael since we didn't have one then we knocked on a former investigators door and caught them in a Bible study and we asked if we could join and being good Hispanics they let us in and it was more of a church service sermon rather than a bible study so that was sad, but they invite us back for next week for their actual bible study so we are going to share something simple and powerful and give them a run for their money I think maybe the gospel of Jesus Christ 😇 
            Friday we did weekly planning and saved miles since we use a lot with our service project and I got my SD card from the sisters since I gave it to them to record their Guitar skills/singing skills, they sing and play the guitar very well especially the Hymns so those were great to listen to
             Saturday we got stuff ready for the video chat home. Then we taught Michael the restoration and he was like I like learning but I am going to stay Baptist and I asked him some very pointed questions about what God desires and I testified of the unity and love of God and the restoration and Elder Porter says he looked scared, like he recognized he was feeling the spirit but didn't know what it was and I could feel the spirit filling the room and I agree Michael didn't know what to do but he doesn't want to progress so we are going to leave him for a season, he didn't even consent to pray at the end of the lesson he was like okay it is time for you to go boys..... ya.........
             Sunday we did the video chat and that was the week love you all.

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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