Monday, May 9, 2016

Hi North Platte, more crazy RAIN, Baptism by immersion not sprinkling!

 May 2, 2016
Dear Family and Friends, 
         This has been a crazy week for us in the Nebraska Omaha Mission if your names are Elder Draper and Elder Davey.
         Monday we got off to a good start, we hung out with the other Elders and ate food & had a pool party (like the game no water was involved). Then we mowed the lawn and went off to teach people! We were able to see Eugenia and Pepe which was amazing! We helped them get rid of Junk mail mainly scams of, If you donate money to this charitable organization we are going to enter you into a contest to win a prize and the fine print was on the inside of the envelope so that you wouldn't read it. Then there was a scam (or at least that is what it seemed to me) from a church (I won't say which). They said write down three wishes you have and then after writing each wish say sweet Jesus then enclose $20 for each wish and your prayers will be answered! REALLY?!? I can pay to have my prayers answered? REALLY?!?? and we told Eugenia, that is a scam, Christ said thy faith hath made thee whole, and Peter and John told Simon the sorcerer that thy money perish with thee for thou has thought that the gifts of God can be bought with money and then she promptly ripped them up all the papers and tossed them in the Garbage and she declared that she would not be the victim of a scam again! We then saw the Arvizo family to help make sure that Jesus was on track for his baptismal date on Saturday
           Tuesday we did our studies and then before Lunch headed out onto the road for our two-ish hour drive to North Platte to do exchanges with the Zone leaders. It was a really good experience and it has been my only real exchange this whole transfer and that was cool because it meant I got to spend more time in my Area! However we did good work and we taught a lot of people between street contacting and contacting potentials so it was fun and I enjoyed myself. And we also had a little presentation of dating tips from Elder Davey then the ZLs realized that wait Draper you need these more than we do you go home soon and I responded no I don't I have been out a little over a year.
            Wednesday we had a mission wide conference call where President Gardner shared some miracles from the mission from teaching more about Christ from the Book of Mormon. It was super cool and it as great for us. Then we drove home to Grand Island we had lunch with our Branch president and his wife then later his wife came and met us with a sister who has been less active she has six kids and her husband isn't a member so that is hard when the kids are difficult in the mornings so we haven't seen her for a while. We also saw Rossy one of our other less actives and that was fantastic she is doing super well, we had only two people at our English classes which was super sad but it was raining really hard and they were probably all like ah never mind.  So I hope we can get more people to come this week. Then we saw the Arviso Family again and we solidified the baptismal date he was and is on track to make it.
            Thursday was also great we had district meeting and that was fun and nothing too crazy other than forgetting the DVD of the District that I needed and rushing back home to get it but luckily we had enough miles and so we were fine then we had a lesson with Juan, which Juan ha hah ha, but it was a good lesson so in teaching him about prophets we read 2 Nephi 31 and showed how Nephi testified of Christ many hundreds of years before his coming and that Lehi did the same and we left him with 1 Nephi 10 to reinforce that so that will be awesome! And next time we will review Christ's ministry and the apostasy (Today Monday!) Then we got an appointment with a lady named Araceli who asked us to come back and she hadn't been available then we took lunch and talked with our friend Sandra at the Taco Truck and she is Golden she said, I hope my kids can grow up and be like you and do what you do, I want to see them dressed up wearing a name tag representing Jesus Christ. 😇  We then rushed off to Sutton which was a crazy drive trying to get there in time but we did it we then came back and saw a member who just ranted about how churches are built up to get gain and we then showed her how our church isn't, it was kind of funny actually
           Friday was all service and the Baptismal interview of Jesus and he passed it was funny we did lots of crazy running around 
            Saturday we did service with the Red Cross installing smoke detectors and then we did service at the Grand Theater for their free Matinee which was good, and then we had the baptismal service of Jesus and then we went back to the Grand theater which was good there was a lot to do on the clean up end, and that was sweet we got to do stuff then we went and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant Buffet and that was good then Elder Davey and I came home and crashed then did weekly planning and that was pretty much our week just rushing to and fro never stopping for to long

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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