Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow and no snow, and MONSTER STORM?

Dear Family and Friends,
        This past week has been Fantastic! We had crazy awesome success and all went mostly according to our plans, we didn't reach all of our goals but we had some pretty good success and got super close to some (which hasn't really happened for a while).
          Monday it started snowing after we got here so we went and did some shopping then went to T.O. Haas for and oil change and basically we waited out the storm there, so we had no problems with the snow we went and met up with the member I told you about last week who came out with us he is super cool and we had a good lesson with our investigator Wilfredo. Wilfredo kind of likes interrupting us and then after the lesson going I didn't really let you guys talk I won't do that next time so that is kind of how it was. Brian shared a really powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, he has only been a member since September but he spoke with great conviction that despite Wilfredo's stubbornness he touched him a little bit he then took us out to dinner at El Chapparo which was good and he actually used to live in Lincoln before he moved out to Provo to work at Duncan Aviation there and that was Monday.
         Tuesday we saw are member who is trying to quit smoking and it was a good visit. We watched a video called He Knows My Name and it had a great impact on him to give him strength and courage to keep trying to quit then we saw Eduardo one of our Hispanic members who we haven't really been able to see (he came to church last week and this week!). We briefly reviewed the Restoration and he came to church and talked with the Bishop because he hasn't had work and the Bishop told him you pray and renew your covenant to the Lord and you will have work tomorrow and the Bishop said some other things he needed to do/work on and the next day he got three job offers out of the blue and he is doing two of them some how (snow removal/construction) so ya his testimony is strong and he is determined to change things around
         Wednesday we saw Luis Escribano who we haven't seen for a while and that was good we had a good lesson with him reading out of the scriptures and he liked talking with us we are slowly trying to work on him again to get him back to church we had dinner with our bishop with how long it went if forced us to cancel an appointment but it was worth it because then we saw Rosalina Barrios and we had Joseph Carlson (our only priest) and we taught the Restorations and asked for a referral and got one from her and that was good  and so we set up to come back and teach her and her friend. Sister Barrios is awesome she has a strong testimony
          Thursday was another crazy day we got three lessons despite getting behind schedule we were able to see Maria Nenniger and watch  meet the Mormons and that I think helped her a lot then we saw the Quirino and it was an all over the place lesson but we are going to go back and focus on what brother Quirino needs to do to get the Melchizedek priesthood. we then taught Luis Genis about the Restoration again which was good he gave us a referral (sort of) he is going to get us more details coming up and he is slowly progressing.
          Friday was crazy we taught Rosalina's Friend Elsa, at her house and that was good Rosalina and Efrain shared good and powerful testimonies and we practically could not have done anything but they let us guide the lesson and it was good We did our weekly planning and then tried some people we were able to get in with the Uncle of Luis Escribano which was awesome (he met the missionaries a while back but was too busy for us in the summer) but we had a sweet restoration lesson and we will be going back!
            Saturday we got three lessons and it was sweet we saw Wilfredo again and and did the middle section of the plan of salvation and he tried explaining the atonement to us and he was just trying to prove what he knew and that was annoying because it was all of an academic perspective and not with his heart but we turned it around and made it a good lesson
            We then saw our member who is quitting smoking again and that was sweet he is progressing very well then we had a lesson at 7:00 that night with a referral family and we taught them the plan of salvation and it rocked and we got three new investigators the dad the mom and the daughter and the dad knows Brother Pearson the member we live with!!! 
          Sunday we had a visit with Brother Stoki he hasn't been feeling well so we have missed him at church then we saw Maria Nenniger and we have been considering dropping her but she read from the chapter we left and she is changed she is now starting to progress and we might be able to set her for Baptism soon
That was our week super exciting and awesome and we are supposed to have a big storm soon

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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