Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snowed In and then splat

Dear Family and Friends
       It is amazing to see the differences in the past two weeks which we had we had ups and downs in both weeks one weeks lessons rocked the other Splat! but none the less it is all good.
         So Tuesday we got grounded because of the snow, Elder Sharp decided it would be stupid to attempt to walk down town to see the few people we have down there and it would take anywhere from 1 and 1/2 hours or 45 minutes minimum to walk down there and then we would have to come back so we stayed in and cleaned the apartment and re organized it to be more accommodating to us we didn't ever like it the way it was organized before. we late at night ran and bought Pizza from pizza hut because Elder sharp didn't want to cook and he didn't' trust me in the kitchen to make him food, but it was a lazy day but we got lots of good important stuff done
          Wednesday we gave last minute encouragement to our member who is trying to quit smoking to give him some last minute encouragement then we taught a less active who brought up concerns about the Sabbath day, he used to be a seventh day Adventist and he knows the book of Mormon is true he just doesn't know how to explain to his family about the Sabbath on Sunday so we are going to teach him more about that this week. We got to do splits for like the second time in my mission and I taught Wilfredo with Bro Stockton and he mostly accepted the kingdoms of glory but we will need to go back over it.
Thursday we had district meeting and that was good we went to lunch at Honest Abe's Again it is good but kind of being over hyped and done so we are going to veto it and go someplace cheaper next week for lunch ya we need to diversify. we had a lesson with the Quirino's we watched the Restoration video (the hour one about Joseph smith) with them and that was good we had a good lesson and helped them learn more about the church/church history.
            Friday we did weekly planning and then we had no success teaching and then went to the ward party we had tons of sisters there we were out numbered by sister missionaries and they were being super bossy and competitive and that was kind of annoying (we did a lip sync battle) they sang the EFY song Embark and we did Bound for the promised land from MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) so ya we had fun though we got some good chili too.
             Saturday we went back over some weekly planning and then had a bit of a comp Inventory Elder sharp expressing some personal concerns and we didn't get any luck with lessons
            Sunday was good we had Wilfredo at church he enjoyed it he did try "contending" about the lesson with us and we had our members teach him how it was and it was super funny to have three sisters (two who "are less active") teaching this so called bible sturdier about things so ya it was good we had a good lesson with Maria Ninninger she is a sweet lady but she has a lot of concerns and problems with organized religion she likes the Jehovah's witness teaching style and doctrine but not them so ya that is our week hope to talk to you next week

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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