Monday, January 25, 2016

Exchanges, Worldwide missionary brodcast and more

Dear Family and Friends,
         This has been a good week and we have had lots of adventures and some good progress. We were down in Crete. Tuesday and I got the opportunity to see a few of the people who I used to visit down there. We had a good time walking around in the snow. There wasn't to much excitement but we did have a some good lessons and we also cooked some good tacos for dinner.
         Wednesday we did our usual service at crystal's Bakery and then came back and went to the World wide missionary broadcast. It was really good the focus was on Teaching repentance and baptizing converts, we learned a lot Elder Bednar gently corrected an Elder for saying we have to carry the message into the heart of the people and Bednar corrected him saying No, we have to carry the message unto the heart but even then that is the Spirit's job not ours and can go no further. So that was good, we learned what we need to do to better work with members and less actives so we are getting things down to earth and I hope we get the chance to put what we have learned into effect more this week. We had a team up with Joseph Carlson that night and we were able to see a lady named Grace (her husband is Jose) that was a huge miracle and we applied our message to her and then we went to our appointment with Wilfredo our one progressing investigator, he was stubborn but at the end of the lesson the spirit touched him enough and he said he would read and pray about the book of Mormon we plan to teach him the plan of Salvation tonight, but more on that later
         Thursday nothing really happened other than we set up appointments and went to lunch at Honest Abe's (a burger place). We also got one referral but we spent most of our day driving around Lincoln. until the evening when Brother Stoki came out with us to try Marvin and that fell through so we went and saw one of his home teaching families.
         Friday was alright we got a member present lesson at 11:30 with Efrain as our team up it was sweet It was a lady named Araceli and she had visited with missionaries before in Mexico and Efrain made the lesson awesome by bearing a super strong and spirit filled testimony of the restoration so we hope that the next time we meet with her it is with her and her husband. We later saw Abel Melendez and we had a good restoration lesson with him as well the spirit was super strong and he said he was going to come to church.
           Saturday we saw the brother who is trying to quit smoking, it is coming down to the wire he wants to quit by the 6th of February so we are pushing him and he is going so that will be super awesome! We then saw Maria Nenniger she talked forever and mentioned everything from Mermaids to the "other Eve" ya long story but it was crazy and we are watching meet the Mormons with her so hopefully that goes alright. 
          Sunday man it was crazy we had our Early morning ward counsel meeting FUN😋 but no it was a good meeting and we are working on team ups and getting good member involvement. we had five less actives show up to church and one is now active so that is cool. We reminded the brothers to do their home teaching and to give us a call if they need a companion we would go with them, and we asked if anyone could go with us to our Monday appointment with Wilfredo and well afterwards a Visitor from Utah came up and said hey I am in town for a while and we don't have plans tomorrow would you like me to come with you so  that is awesome! and he will be meeting up with us tonight. but after church Elder sharp didn't feel well so he rested for a while and I studied some scriptures and ya it was good and we got to see Marvin, he has been working a lot and he is struggling spiritually so we are starting C.P.R. with him Church Prayer Reading
and that was my week the overview version we had a lot more disappointments than I can mention i.e. appointments that fell through but it turned out to be an awesome week

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

The Quirino Baptism

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