Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Changes and Winter weather

Dear Family and Friends,
        I am doing well and I hope you are all safe. I have had an interesting time here in Nebraska and I would like to share with you some cool and crazy events that have happened recently. So first off last Monday we had a lesson with a family and they are going through some family struggles. We are not there to be counselors but we testified that we were there to bless and help them if they would try to apply the principles of the gospel. We taught and they were like, we are done trying. So we are giving them some space and going to see if they want to talk to our bishop and hand the wife over the Elders where they live since she speaks better English than Spanish. 
       Tuesday, well almost nothing went according to plan. We went and contacted a referral and got a return appointment, and then went to The Center for People in Need and did some service there. It is funny because we finish a project and we are like okay what is next while some of the workers are standing around gossiping. So they like us being their slaves, but it is all good that is why we go. We decided to get things done faster after service to got get a cheap dinner at Runza for Temperature Tuesday and everybody and their dog showed up. So it was packed but we got our "Nebraskan Tradition" tried it was alright for fast food. We then went and tried to see an investigator and before we could we got sidetracked into trying to help this old lady get a ride home. She was a member who got stranded not to far from home, but a ride from a member in her new ward never came. We then went and set up an appointment with our investigator Wilfredo. 
       Wednesday we had a good evening, we got to do splits with members and that was a first for me. So we taught a less active member who we got into contact with and I was with President Mellor of the Elders Quorum. Then we went and saw a family that was on his list to see from the bishopric. So that was good. We got a referral the day before from the sisters of a "Hispanic" family and so Elder Sharp went to try it and ya no.... they were Sudanese Christians who spoke Arabic. So I was jealous, as I have found the Arabs at The People City Mission and The Center for People in need to be Awesome and I like their language. We also earlier in the day got to visit with our member who we are helping to quit smoking and he is slowly making progress. 
         Thursday it was a crazy day. We had a lesson with Maria and that was good. She has so many questions I mention something and she has a related question and to answer that she takes us off topic and I kept our conversation on topic but she was all over the place and we are going to have a lesson on real intent and the Holy Ghost and hopefully she will accept the commitment to come to church. She just has trust issues as being "Catholic" and all. It is good, she is a very nice lady with lots of challenges in her life. We then had dinner with the Sibbets and it was good. We had hamburgers and one of the boys was being super boy-ish and I said, "Hey I'll make you a deal: If I eat everything on my plate, you eat everything on your plate and the winner gets the first chip." He started eating and behaving and the Brother and Sister Sibbett looked flabbergasted, "We have been  trying for X time and the missionary gets him to eat first go!?....." It was super funny we then rushed to North Lincoln to the Quirinos to have a lesson with them and make sure they were prepared for the Baptism of their daughter Emily on Saturday
           Friday was long and boring we had no success, but we did do weekly planning.
            Saturday we had a lesson with Wilfredo and he did not let me speak to teach him. He is trying to teach us and I am like Wilfredo I have read the Bible and I actually know probably as much as you do about the history of the Bible as you do so lets come to the realization that there is more to the Gospel than the Bible, that the Priesthood is necessary if, I could have spoken but it was still good. We had the Baptism of Emily and an investigator of the Sisters', so that was good. We did a presentation of the Restoration while people changed. We didn't have a lot of luck seeing people after that but we did get in with Valdo, a less active who is coming back around. He has had some health problems recently and has had to work out of town but ya he is doing well.
          Sunday the snow put a damper on our attendance, but our investigator Wilfredo came. He loved sacrament and he had to leave after that, and if he comes next week I think he will plan to stay for the full three hours.
         So that is my week and craziness, It was so cool to witness the Baptism of Emily and Kevin (that was the sisters investigator). The Spirit was very strong there and I know this is the path to eternal life.

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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