Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crazy Week

This week has been absolutely nuts, and I have no pictures to document what I mean.
              Monday we had our correlation meeting, and that was good. We had some good pizza afterwards, that Sister Pister had made. We then went and saw the Beherens and talked about how to apply the scriptures to our lives.
              Tuesday, wow, what a day! We went to New Begginings and did some stuff for them there, arranging and hauling boxes upstairs. I then went and got a hair cut at the Diaz Brothers. They did a nice job, and we got Jullian's (the guy who cut my hair) new address. So we are going to go visit him sometime this week and start teaching him hopefully. Our morning plans went crazy. We ended up teaching the Alarcon Boys at 5:00 and that was good started covering The Ten Commandments more in detail. Then we went and visited with Eric, and that was good. We asked him what he wanted to learn about. He said, "Marriage and family and courtship." Our religious teachings about those things, so that will be fun to teach to him. We had a good lesson referencing The Family: A Proclamation to the World, though I happened to not have one in English, only Spanish :( , but next time. We then ended up seeing our new investigator, Lenard, and we were able to get through all of The Restoration! Ya, he had so many questions it is good and difficult. 
               Wednesday, it was a good day, we did service then our studies then we went to our late district meeting. That was good. It was Elder Paddock's last meeting before he goes home Wednesday! crazy! We went to a restaurant called Honest Abe's it was good, they had delicious hamburgers and fries. Then we finally went home and it was raining pretty hard. So our car got clean :) We went and saw Brother Wardle and visited with him, and talked about coming with us to a lesson we had scheduled on Friday.
                 Thursday we were preparing to go out and teach for the day when we got a pounding on our door. I jumped up thinking it was a package, and it was our neighbor Sandi. She asked if we could come down to her friend Eve's store, because she had a fire in the basement and needed help cleaning up some of the mess. So we quickly changed into our service clothes and we rushed "downtown" to her store, Jean's Sewing.We entered and it smelled awful. It was an electrical fire caused by a fan the owner had put in his private store room in the basement. So we cleaned up the glass from the broken door and got some fans from New Beginnings. So that was all fine. There was lots of glass and it took us about two hours to get it all cleaned up. Sandi bought us some lunch, which was nice of her considering she didn't have to. Well we went home and discovered we smelled like smoke so we cleaned up and tried to catch back up on the day, and that was all good. We were able to see a part member family and we watched The Restoration movie, which was amazing. He speaks Karen and very little English, but he felt the power of the movie. So hopefully we will be able to get him to come to church one of these days with his wife and kids.  We saw Miguel and Luis Alarcon and finished talking about The Ten Commandments, and we are leaving adultery to the parents and ya.... We  then rushed over to an investigator who said, "Come back at five, if you can." We said, "Probably 5:30." Which was fine, so we get there his wife opens the door, like really. She just gets her husband and he is like, this is not a good time. We reminded him that he asked us to come back later and we did, but we could reschedule and he was like tomorrow 10:00. Well we said we have an appointment at 10:00 to do service and he said aw you boys are so lazy fine sleep in if you want I get up at 4:30! and I countered we get up at 6:30  and we really get the same amount of sleep considering you are in bed before 8:00 so....... ya he made me frustrated by his arrogance, but whatever. We went and saw another family and had a good lesson with Vidal. We were able to teach him the first half of The Plan of Salvation. 
                   Friday, not much to report other than lots of service with the Catholic Sisters out at the Schoenstat shrine outside of Crete. So we helped out there and that was fun. They also fed us and that was nice of them. We then did weekly planning and tried to see people, but that didn't work out as we had planned but we did a lot.
                    Saturday we did Foodnet and taught Dylan The Plan of Salvation in story form, then we went back home and did our deep clean for the transfer wow! Lots of stuff  got done and we didn't see anyone :(
                    Sunday was a similar story. We went to church and came home had dinner and then finished weekly planning, and then worked on cleaning the area book.
             The crazy week of Elder Draper

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