Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Conference week and the transfers Oh Pues WOW!!!

Dear Family and Friends and adorable fuzzy creatures,
        This has been an exciting week for us in Crete, Nebraska with some unexpected events and some wows.
          Monday was the usual. Our Family Home Evening appointment had to cancel, and change to Tuesday. That was fine and so we came home from our day of basketball and correlation meetings. We then went to try some investigators, who weren't available, but we set up some appointments and that was good. We went home a little bit early and started calling people on the potential sheets we have. The first person said we could come over! So when I called all we had was a name and number. So we called and I introduced myself and asked if they might have any interest in letting us come share a message with them. She asked, "Who gave you our number?" I said, "I don't know." She said, "Oh come on, was it my son? He is a member of your church." So we had a good phone visit, so we are going to meet this family, and hopefully it all goes well, today.
            Tuesday we had a busy day planned. We swung by the post office and dropped off letters and then we bumped into our investigator, who was getting at us because he said to come by12:00 and it was 11:55. He was like you are late and I said but you aren't even home so therefore we are right on time, God just slowed us down so we could find you now. He said "Give me half an hour and then I will see you at my place." So we went to the library to print off a paper we needed and then we went to his house and he wasn't there, and that waiting took a while so we called and texted then left. We then went and had a good lesson with a less active lady and her non-member husband. He was not in the lesson but it was still good. We then went up to Doane College to meet with our investigator, Eric, and his phone isn't working and so we didn't get to see him. So we are praying for a miracle in regards to all of this stuff. We then had a good lesson with the Alarcon Boys and we talked about General Conference, and that was super good. We then had a random member stop us on the street and take us to Dairy Queen for shakes, and then he went  back on his way home to Lincoln. We then went to a lesson with a family, Mateo and Veronica. We had an amazing short and simple lesson about The Plan of Salvation and next time we will be teaching about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bless their family and how they can progress to an eternal family. We then went and had a great lesson with the Behrens for FHE, which was super good. We taught about adversity and how we all have to struggle but we can overcome and realize our dreams. For Cheri, the daughter, it is go to one of the great huge schools back east. We suggested first going to BYU and so ya "AWESOMENESS" as she said.
              Wednesday we had district meeting and service and that was all good. We then came back and had a few good appointments. We were thinking I would go, that was our  transfer prediction and so that was about it for Wednesday.
             Thursday we awaited the news, and Elder Phillips was assigned to go up to Worthington Minnesota! Ya the farthest north Spanish/zebra area in the mission! So he was angry/frustrated because he had to pack and he didn't want to go. He didn't think that it would be him, but he bucked up and realized opening Spanish in the middle of nowhere is a huge responsibility. Then we got a call at 10:25 saying, "Ya be prepared at 7:15 in the morning from the transfer point..... " Ya so we were up late packing his stuff.
              Friday I dropped him off at the transfer point and picked up my temporary comp. We went the to the zone leaders' apartment and then went to the People's City Mission in Lincoln to do service. I was put on "Security" to watch the perimeter of their outside "shopping Center" to make sure all the people went in the entrance and out the exit. We then had to step in and take control of a fight, which really just consisted in stepping in and they all stopped and started playing nice. They just made some problems tipping boxes and stuff. I then got my new companion at 5 that afternoon and we went back to Crete, unloaded our stuff and then went to Dairy Queen for dinner. Then we went out on a team-up with Brother Pister.
            Saturday we watched General Conference with President Kearl.
          Sunday we watched General Conference with Brother Beck at the church.
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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