Monday, July 27, 2015

The fast week

This was a rather fast week, so I will share only a couple of highlights:
      On Tuesday we had a good lesson with two boys, who are the children of less actives, and it was pretty good minus the fact that their younger sister was trying to get all the attention. So that kind of made things a little more difficult, but we got them started. The next thing was we had a member come out and the people we would normally see with him weren't home, and things fell through but we were able to get in to teach another potential family which had been taught by the missionaries in the past and we were able to get their interest back. So now they will be our new investigators. So that will be good. We had some other lessons this week with the big theme on the Atonement and how it can help us to overcome all challenges and trials. Those were very powerful lesson and very spiritual.
        One of the crazy stories of the week was, we were passing by an investigator's house and a dog had just attacked the investigator's cat. We helped look for the cat for a bit and things were crazy. We stopped by later to see if the cat was okay. He was and the police were now involved, and that is good and bad. The cool thing was even though we did not see our investigator, just his brother and the brother's girlfriend. He knew we had stopped by and that we were still thinking about him and he said in effect, because I don't remember the exact words, "Whenever I have prayed for guidance the past couple years you guys have showed up at my door, and when I have been questioning if God has been hearing my prayers you contact me, and when everything seems to go wrong you show up and help out the best you can. I don't know if The Book of Mormon is true but from what has been happening, you guys being there for me and my family, says a lot."
           The work of a missionary is hard. We are despised and rejected of men. We walk somewhat of the path that Christ walked. Christ warns us the path is difficult, but He also tells us it is well worth it. This week has been both difficult and worth it. I am learning to overcome and lean on his ample arm and I hope you can all do the same.
Logan Joseph Draper

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