Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New week new adventures

Dear Family and friends and random readers or the RRs
        This has been a good week. Monday night we went and saw two families, one for family home evening; the other was for a lesson. The cool thing, with the lesson, was the family we taught said they talk about us everyday and I thought it was cool. They haven't been reading, last we heard, but I hope they have gotten something out of their conversations.
       Tuesday we saw Jesus (chewy) and it was good. We talked with him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how the Atonement can help us to change from bad to good, from good to better, from better to best, and from best to saint. It was a good lesson and we encouraged him to read and to keep the commitments we leave him, so hopefully he does.
        Wednesday we had our zone training and it was good. We had really good trainings from different people. I gave a spiritual thought/mini training, and everyone said they thought my thought was amazing. I hope they're telling the truth, otherwise it wouldn't be good for either of us. ;) 
Well after that we went to lunch at this restaurant that had six dollar burgers and fries. They were specialty burgers, as well. So that was good. We were there for forever, so we missed out on dinner basically. So we worked the rest of the night and had three lessons, one with a less active from the Seward side, who we have been doing service for and it was an awesome lesson. Before that we had been visiting with Vidal and it was good. Vidal is an investigator and he has been taught out the wazoo. So we are going to continue with him and help him to read from The Book of Mormon, so he can gain a testimony of it. Then our last lesson was with the Alarcons. They are a cool family in Crete. They went less active because of their work and now they are taking an interest in coming back to church. We talked with her about prayer, reminding the mom to pray and she said, "I just remembered I was going to ask you today when you were helping me in the bakery, if you could teach my boys so that when we go back to church they won't be lost and feel out of place." So that was cool because we were going to ask her about that, but she asked us so we will have two new investigators and less actives returning to church! all from one family! Then they can be sealed for eternity just from one little step of asking the missionaries.
           Thursday we did some more service at New Beginnings, since they needed help. We did service for Brother Wardle and then he took us out to lunch at the Chinese Buffet, and that is always really nice of him. After that we went and saw Dyllan, the son of a recent convert and that was good. He is such a good kid and we were able to talk with him for a bit. He said he would take the time to read the Book of Mormon and so that was good. That night Brother Beck came out from the Pioneer Ward, and we went and taught  Mateo and Veronica, a super cute couple. We watched the Restoration video with them, and it went over very well.
             Friday we had weekly planning, and that was all good. We had quite a bit of fun seeing people and having a relaxed but productive morning. That night we saw Sandi, a lady who lives in our apartment complex, and we had a really good lesson with her, going through the Plan of Salvation. We still have some things to cover and to talk about, but it was a good lesson and again all she needs to do is start to read The Book of Mormon.
              Saturday we had Foodnet, and with helping out they draw numbers. If you signed in and the line you signed was the number you get a prize or you get to pick a cake, or something like that. Both Elder Phillips and I were drawn as some of the prize winners, so we both ended up with a cake. So we are going to be sugared up.
              We then cleaned some stuff up around the apartment, and that was good. Then we went and tried seeing people, and that did not pan out. So that was okay, though we tried and we got lots of exercise.
              Sunday we had really good meetings and talks and the focus was: Are we looking unto Christ in all things? I think that is the big focus of all other things. The keeping the sabbath day holy initiative will help us look unto Christ and that will in turn help us in other areas. Well after church Elder Phillips and I saw one investigator, and it was a good lesson. We talked about eternal marriage, how it blesses our lives and prepares us to receive all that our Father has for us.
                I know that this is the work of God and that we are in the season of harvest, but that does not mean we get to simply harvest. We have to prepare the fruits so they can be vine ripened and harvested in the Lord's time.
                I know that God loves us and that Jesus Christ is our Savior.
 I love you all.
      Elder Logan J. Draper

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