Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy then Sad, and still moving forward with hope

Dear Family and friends
       This has been a great week of working and having fun, and simply serving. There were some disappointments but that is all part of the work, and to be expected. So with the conclusion of Monday we went had a very brief correlation meeting with our Branch Mission leader, then we flew off to our dinner appointment. The children were crazy, and that was to be expected, and the food was good, roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans eating like kings. (I don't know why but the kids ate it with ketchup) Eric sadly cancelled on us that night, and so we had trouble trying to get with him. 
          Well Tuesday we had a good day of studies, service, and work. We had to explain to a member something he was preaching was wrong and we had to show him in the scriptures where he was wrong, and he didn't want to believe it but I felt the Spirit start guiding me and I was able to give him an answer to his concern as to why the verse was written the way it was and how he could come to understand it more fully, so that was fantastic. He thanked us afterwords and told us he wanted us to come back OFTEN. So we ended on really good terms as Usual. Well then we went home and Elder Kummerman cooked up some pork bacon sausage and gave me a huge patty.
            Well the rest of the week went by without much craziness, until the end. We found a new investigator named Cristian. We started talking to him and we thought he was in his twenties, Elder Kummerman thought he was 27, I thought he was 22 and well really he was only 18, just barely that month WOW ya I was like dang I look young and we were just kind of shocked. We had a good lesson with him about the Restoration and he invited us to come back this coming Thursday. Then we met with an investigator named Manuel, he was really pleased to see us and he is reading and studying what we gave him from Alma 32 and he is really taking a liking to The Book of Mormon.
             We finally got in with Eric. It was great to see him and talk to him. He wanted to be baptized the day before, which we didn't know since he didn't tell us but he now is grateful he wasn't because he is taking the commitment to be baptized more seriously and he has only one concern and I believe it is the most genuine concern that anyone can have, "Can I endure to the End, what if I make a mistake or mess up?" So we both shared a bit about our conversion and how we have endured to the end and how he can do the same as well. So he is going to do some more reading of The Book of Mormon, and truly ponder and pray about how he can do this thing.
             Saturday morning before service we went and taught our neighbors, and we were going to teach a bit about the Plan of Salvation but we got sidetracked and we were like "How can we get this back on track?" But we didn't but what we did do is testify at the end saying, "With your concerns in mind we know that is why God has called a prophet and restored his church to the earth and given us the Book of Mormon, so that we can be guided and directed in these last days of confusion."
         Well that is all I really have for this week, but I want to add my Testimony: that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to bless us and our families and to help lead and guide us in these last days so that we can find our way through the maze of life. People said we needed a prophet of God during World War 2, well now I say how much greater is our need now, and we have been blessed to have a prophet on the earth since the restoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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