Monday, May 4, 2015

Going to the Maranatha church

Dear Friends and Family
       I had a good week this week and I will share some interesting, and some not so interesting, experiences with all of you and some pictures. So this should be good. 
       Monday we had regular P-Day experiences. Nothing major to report, other than we went to a member's for dinner and we shared a fun lesson/activity with them about why we don't have a cross in our church. So we will follow up with their commitment to find one reason that they are blessed/thankful that Christ lives.
        Tuesday we had a good day we got some lessons in and we taught Mary again. We went over repentance and it was a very good discussion and we hope to next go over baptism, with Sister Behern's and her. So that should be a fantastic lesson and she is very grateful to us because we are helping her with her mood and her depression. And simply staying positive when other people tear her down. We had a meeting with a man named Juan and he invited us to his church La Iglesia Maranatha (The Maranatha Church). So ya, our bishop of the Pioneer Ward came out with us and he had a throw down with an investigator. Now it wasn't a fight but the investigator was trying to talk and say "I know all you have to say and I can answer my own questions." The bishop said, "I can't answer you if you don't let me talk." He asserted himself in such a nice way, such a cool calm way that the investigators listened and accepted the invitation to come to church. We then traded some ties. 
         Wednesday we did some attempts to find some people and we had a good Restoration review with the Phillips' parents and helping them. They are preparing and hoping to go through the temple, so we are excited for them. We had a very simple and basic lesson for them. So it was nice to have something like that, not something very complicated. 
         Thursday we got picked up for district meeting and we went all the way out to Nebraska City. Then we had some good trainings, one I gave about how an everyday change of heart helps us endure to the end. So I feel like I learned more from that than I actually taught, so that was good.
We then went to do service for a Spanish member and he took forever to show up, and by the time we were done well we just had to go home. We got no lessons but it was a good day 
        Friday we did weekly planning, and service before that and it was good. We taught some good lessons and tried some people.
       Saturday, what a crazy day, we went and did service for a garage sale set up and I got 5 ties for 2 dollars. Then we went and did our foodnet service. They had a plethora of greens, so that was good for the people. They are going to be nice and healthy this time. We delivered food for some people and that was good. We went and played basketball with an investigator and then we went and had a barbeque with him and his mom, who is a member. Then we went and attended the Maranatha Church's Saturday night services with Juan. Well I was very fascinated by their style of worship. I am now coming to understand the Hispanic culture more, as I went they had a rock band and they sang and blasted your ear drums and danced as they were guided by the spirit, and many other thing to which I was not accustomed. I found that I do not fully agree with their practices but I learned many things from them that I felt the Spirit telling me this is not the church of Christ. But again I put emphasis in the necessity to turn to God in prayer and ask, "Which church should I join?" So I can testify that we are to become the saints of God in the true church of Christ, and we should search and when we find the truth cling to it. (however, disclaimer, they have so much more fun jamming out in their church. So if the truth really came down to "fun" they would have us beat) 
          Sunday we had a fantastic fast and testimony meeting. I found the true church of Christ. I felt the sweet peace of the Spirit testifying and accompanying me.
I love you all and I want to testify that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church on the earth.
Love Logan Joseph Draper

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