Monday, April 20, 2015

WEEKLY LETTER and 2 Baptismal dates!

Dear Family and Friends.
     I am so happy, I mean super ecstatic to write all of you and share the happenings of the little quite town of Crete, but I err. The train is pretty loud and obnoxious at 4:00 in the morning.
      Well this week in the concern of individual days, I will not share much but I will share the awesomeness of three investigators. So I will start with a woman named Mary.
       Mary is a nice older lady who is Catholic by birth but has never gone to church. When the Elders found her she was, as she said, "looking for something" and so after a bit we got her to a member's house. She doesn't know her directly, but almost everyone in town does know of her, her kindness and awesomeness. Well we got in to a lesson with her and we decided to make it a little more conversation-like. We taught her about the cool principles of the Gospel Faith, Jesus Christ and His Atonement. It was so powerful and we all shared heartfelt testimony, and thoughts. She was able to open up a little and have a good time with us. She was smiling and making jokes occasionally. When we finished the lesson she said, "Now don't you forget to come visit with me boys, because I have been looking for something and tonight I feel like I have found it." Well when we visited with her the next day she again told us, " I feel lighter and happier and like everything will be okay. When I saw my doctor/psychiatrist this morning he said I seemed to be lighter and happier too." She is starting to find her way to the rod, as described in Lehi's dream, and soon she will be at the fruit.
         Next is Dustin. We met with Dustin once during the week. The other Elders had gone to his church and so now he was going to come to ours. As we talked he expressed general concerns about churches and their view on the gifts of the spirit and receiving the gift of tongues. He also raised a question in which I loved the way Elder Kummerman answered it, it was: I don't think I can believe a golden book and only he could see it and some more stuff like that, that only one man had these revelations. Well I love the response: well Moses talked to God in a burning bush and only one man received revelations and the whole nation was to believe what he said.
So Dustin was like, "good point" and I was like, "ya". Well then he came to church on Sunday, and he loved the services. He was like, "I love how everything is so family focused and oriented; How you teach, and I loved the classes. The last one I was kind of zoning out but it was still great." We then had a lesson later that day at his house and we are beginning the missionary lessons again, focusing on families as that is his main concern and he loved it. We haven't quite set a return appointment but he said, "I want to bring my wife and kids." So I am super excited for them to come and to learn, and to feel of the Spirit.
           Last but not least Eric. He is a cross country runner and track runner at our Doane College in Crete. He is a super cool guy. I have only taught him once, but it was fun. He is very open to learning and sharing different ideas. I asked him if he was still pondering baptism, and he said, "Yep, I still have a few things I need to thin about." I was like, "Okay, sweet." That was Friday, and well last night he texts us out of the blue, "I want to be baptized and I have a date. Can we meet tommorow night?" Well It was super cool and exciting. I can't wait to talk to him tonight and help him get to that final point. I love you all and I know this gospel is true, and it truly is worth it to give up two years of your life.
Love Logan Joseph Draper

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