Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jehovah's Witness, Baptismal Dates and The Return of the Sisters

Dear Friends and Family and other interested parties
         I am doing so awesome, it is FANTABULOUS!!!!!!! We had some great lessons, but we must start from the beginning.
         Tuesday we taught some great lessons and we got a new investigator the nephew of the Anti-Mormon. He soaks it up and he is so ready to learn. He is just a teenage boy who, sort of, can't focus on one topic. It was awesome, and we are getting him to pray more. We rebuked, or more like I rebuked, one of our less actives for saying 'I'll come to church' then never does, and he for the record still didn't come. So ya, he never keeps his commitments but we are trying to do baby steps. Then we are helping anther less active see God more in his life, and how that God is giving you these trials to help you be stronger. We know he has faith, he just is overwhelmed. 
           WEDNESDAY!!!!!! We set two people for baptism and it was so Cool, and one was a member present! To be honest, the one that is solid set is actually a little white girl who is going to come to the Spanish ward with her neighbor,s since they are her friends. It is so exciting! Both of them are like sponges, they soak up what we teach them, and they really want it. We are trying to, maybe, get the parents of the kids involved so that we can teach and baptize them as well, which would be so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
            Thursday we had tons of great lessons and we reaffirmed one baptismal commitment. It was an awesome lesson and we just, awesomeness it was so cool!!! WE got anther new and we are going to start baptizing soon! We are working with another member with a drug/guilt from drugs problem and it is sad to see what drugs do in peoples lives. I can't stand it! They are so stupid. I want to simple smack the people that gave that person the drugs, and be like 'you moron!' But, alas, that is not my job. I need to go, I am sorry I did not finish. We have to go to a dinner appointment. I am going to finish the rest in a letter. I love you all
          LOVE Logan J. Draper

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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