Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catch up time!

      Okay, well I forgot where I left off, but I will go with Friday of last week. So we had a fairly normal morning until we got a knock on the door and we both almost did front-flips, and crazy ninja moves, trying to get to the door for a package. And guess what, we were both disappointed at first when it was just the Jehovah's witnesses but we soon decided, why not. So we had a little door step lesson with them and they tried to catch us in our words, in Spanish none the less(!) (dirty tricksters), because they were trying to get us to fall into the trap of "there is only one way, fighting or not fighting in wars." And we pulled Book of Mormon Captain Moroni on them, and said "ya but I will do what God wants me to do. You can't trick me, we have a Prophet y'all," but we didn't get into that yet. So that will be our next lesson that we teach to them.
      Then Saturday we had a couple get sealed in the temple. We didn't get to go, but it was still cool. And we were like "ya free food" at their wedding reception, which we helped a little bit with. And we ran into our sister missionaries for the first time since they got back, and ya it was interesting. Then 
Sunday we did an area redivide, and that was good. And we got instructions for our ward plan as missionaries, from our stud of a bishop. He really gets the gospel and the importance of families, which are ward struggles with. 
     Then last Monday we visited with one youth, helping him with going on a mission 
     Tuesday we got two member present lessons, and it rocked. We are really on a roll here: one with a part member family; the other with a little white girl, who wants to go to the Spanish ward.
Then Wednesday we had a sweet lesson with an investigator family that has been struggling to progress and we have figured out the problem, and our starting over the lessons and more about that later. Well, we are now teaching two white girls and a black girl that want go to to the Spanish ward! Ya wow, my first baptisms won't even be Latino! It is so weird, but we will catch up in the Latino baptisms soon after. 
      Thursday was unproductive. as I was on exchanges and we only tried to see two people. I am learning what type of missionary I should not be, not what type of missionary I should be right now. So we only visited with one person, and it was a great lesson. I rebuked her on her marital problems and handed them the solution The Family: A Proclamation to the World; and be who you want to be married to; and work as a team; and do you like something about him, or do you love Him? So it was awesome in that aspect. 
      Well Friday was the mission tour, where we had Brent H. Neilsen of the Quorum of the Seventy come and teach us and uplift us and rebuke us all in the same day, and it was good. I took tons of awesome notes, I am going to refer back to for the rest of my mission. I was so excited for it and I learned so much, but one huge thing that was brought up. He said, "Disobedient Missionaries Baptize To Their Own CONDEMNATION," as was taught him by David A. Bednar. So I never want to be disobedient. We also got to see many missionaries from all over the mission. I forgot to mention that it got cold on Tuesday, so it was frigid Friday
      Saturday we decided to go and do some service at the trail center setting up some stuff for Christmas, and IT SNOWED. And it was fun to see it snow, but it didn't snow a lot. And after, service, we went and taught our investigator family The Restoration, and it was amazing. The video is just what they needed. And then we went home and the ZLs came and did an apartment inspection, and after they left and after we ate dinner, we grounded the cars because of the road conditions. So we walked thirty minutes to our appointment luckily, and sadly, we got a ride back from the family. But it was fun, we have awesome pictures to send soon, so that was awesome! 
     Sunday we went to church and did weekly planning, and that was boring but very needed. I love my snow clothes, especially when night comes and temperatures are about to drop. Ya it is biting cold with humidity, so that is my week 
Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper 
Oh P.S. as per advice from my companion, send all packages to the apartment and letters to the mission office, because packages don't get forwarded but letters do and that ensures safe delivery but whatever works no worries until I leave Omaha then my apartment is a must for perishable items 

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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