Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Big letter this week

Dear Family and Friends, and of course other interested parties who I never hear from 
        This week was interesting, Monday night we went and ate a delicious dish called ceviche as I likely stated well I thought I would again note that when I send a letter home I will send my recipes. ;) 
         Well we will really begin on Tuesday, we had district meeting and it was good the Elders kind of hate the sisters as they like to invade our areas and take investigators and less actives so it is a tad annoying, but I can't say anything because the sisters have not done anything to me and I actually find the sisters to be agreeable because they are kind and good with the members. Really the elders just hate them because they are getting fed more. Well we had something called Spanish conference and it is a meeting where all of the Spanish missionaries gather at the mission office/church and have a zone conference type thing in Spanish and it was nice we had one/two trainings in English from President Weston so it was cool. (We don't carry English bibles so that kind of threw him off.) We had Elder Jensen, the guy I came from the CCM with, and his trainer Elder Newmanschwander (I am not sure I spelled it right), who was Elder Johnson's MTC comp, so that was fun. We  didn't find any of our investigators on Wednesday, except for one guy but he only wants to learn English. We had the same problem on Thursday and we tried to meet with less actives and we meet with a set of twins who we are going to try to help them to quit their addictions so that is an adventure. Friday we did weekly planning and tried to find people and it really pushed us back and we couldn't find anyone still. Saturday we got a new investigator, the son of one of our investigator's so that was nice and we found another guy named Moses and it was cool. I discovered after our ward fiesta, as we went and played soccer and I played with some white kids, white kids suck at soccer! But it was still fun it helps that I am fast and I am working on my ball handling skills for when I run down the field, but I am not bad but I need some improvement. Sunday we had church and ward correlation meeting and we didn't even share anything because the leaders are worried about the ward being to clicky or grupitos. (I think that is spelled right but have Travis verify.) Well we had some great lessons I helped teach how to do a priesthood blessing and then after church we went and visited with the less actives who we are trying to help with their addictions. We had dinner with an awesome family, the Ortegas, and it was really fun. I am improving my language skills, then we went to visit our recent converts the Urquidez family and it was a really nice meeting until a gang fight broke out we had to go inside for a while in-case there was going to be a shooting and then once it was calm they had us get out of there as fast but inconspicuously as possible. Now for people that may be worried, I was in no immediate physical danger the Gangs apparently operate only against the other gangs if you are not in their gang you are basically off limits and they really don't like to come near us and they don't want to shoot us because the police will come. When normally if it is dark they wait until it is light outside. So I really feel bad for that family because it is a dangerous place but the Gang that rules their area seems very consiencous of not getting innocents involved. Well then today we played volley ball and on our way back a lady rear ended us and so we have to file a report, which isn't too bad. We are going to pass her info on as a referal so that will be fun. I am excited for the elders who get to teach her because she is a really nice lady and that is about it. Everyone do your reading 
Mark: Christ or names of Christ such as Lord, Messiah, Holy One of Israel 
           God and names of God 
          The atonement 
Circle: Heart 
And I would invite all of you to do this and see how much Christ is involved in the BoM and your life. And if you feel so impressed add something else to the list. I will sent vosotros (you) a picture of my BoM next week 
Love Elder Logan J. Draper 

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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