Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Big letter

Dear Family and Friends
         This has been an interesting, while at the same time mostly uneventful, week. I am doing better than I was before, though at times I feel nothing ever happened and at others I still feel that emptiness. This weeks letter will be less of what happened but more of how I have handled my difficulties and the lessons I've learned. 
         Well summary is I have crappy DLs (District Leaders) and ZLs (Zone Leaders) and they don't really like me. I have said things calling my DL on his crap in front of both of our companions and I have done so because he has been acting inappropriately and his comp doesn't bother to say anything to him, and my comp though awesome and knows what he believes doesn't feel like anything needs to be said or done. I understand from my different talkings with people that I can't change people and that I have to have faith in the ability of people to change. Fortunately I do, and that is why I let people know that something they may be doing is inappropriate. Most missionaries tell me that it isn't my place to say anything, and I will respect that I may have done things the wrong way and I need to develop more fully the attributes of a good leader, however I have been comforted by the Spirit in making me joyful in the work of the Lord and almighty God. First I have not had much a chance to study but I have been thinking about Abinadi. He was an example of standing for what was right. Everyone knew he was right, but as I have learned with missionaries as well that we don't take initiative to change and become more Christ-like because we are lazy and we don't like to be wrong and that to me is something that I find sad. Hermano Silva and Hermano Martinez have both said to me that when you think you have ever thing down just right you are doing it wrong because you are not allowing Christ to help you in the work. I know my weaknesses and I pray everyday to make them strong. The other story I have been doing lots of study in is the story of Nephi and my experience while reading was this and I felt down and like this sucks I'm doing everything I can to be obedient and teach and help everyone and I am letting the other missionaries say the stupid things that are just not quite right but they are not "breaking rules" well I was reading Nephi and I got a huge spiritual impression because we are always praying in our hearts when not on our knees. (Alma 24) Well I got the impression that I was my district's Nephi, not because I was or am perfect, or that I was or am better, but because I am the greenie and because I know from not having hardened my heart against the Lord and changing because greenie is a compliment it is a title or name I want to have my entire mission because if you are not green you are not growing if you are green you are still the mighty oak tree, if you are not green you are brown and dried out and ripe to be cast into the fire. I don't think God is going to make me a teacher over them but he is helping me to stay strong. I am still not happy in the mission field but I am full of Joy. My joy is in Christ and the gospel, I can feel the difference from working and playing I wish to always be working. 
            This next part is for my friends (family to but I write to my friends, however you may liken all things unto you.) You are seeing the beginning of my trials and afflictions in my missionary service, you are hearing about bad missionaries, but the truth of my belief is that they are not bad, they are the fellow servants of the Lord and they learning just as I am. Doubt not the church because of the actions of imperfect people but trust it by the fruits of the Book of Mormon. Read the Book of Mormon, study and ponder it. It is the most true of all books, and in and through it you will come to know Christ. I issue you all a challenge friends, family, interested parties, and everyone that reads this letter study the Book of Mormon. Read five pages per day and mark every time it says Christ or a name of Christ, every time it says God or a name of God, and mark the Atonement and everytime a symbolic mentioning of the atonement. circle ever time it says heart. when you do this you will be amazed at what you find. you will see how to bring Christ closer into your life. and how to become perfected in Him and harden not your heart against the Spirit of God. 
              Fun things from the week: we met with one of our less actives and she has a really cute dog named Italia I will send a picture it is the same breed as Anna Mathies' dog but she is the weird one of her litter. (you will understand) We committed an investigator to baptism and he will tell us today his decision, please pray for us. Um what else, oh it rained a lot and we had to walk a lot because we didn't have very many miles left. One of the members in my ward is a lawyer and he bought for himself an AMG (a Mercedes) and sufficeth to say I have felt how fast it can accelerate and I have been faster in that car than any other car I have ridden in though he wanted to go faster but traffic wouldn't allow it. The details of that are left for you all to look up and discover the more detailed facts that I can't, but it was fun and scary.  We have challenged many members to join us and do the reading challenge above.
               I have personally added some things from the missionary purpose, and I would invite you all to get a new Book of Mormon and do the challenge above and select one or maybe even two things you would like to improve or even learn about and add that to your list of things to mark. 

Have a fantastic week Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper 

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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