Monday, September 15, 2014

The Big letter and the last week of transfer one

Dear Family and friends and others
         I am doing well I had an interesting week So I can't remember if I told you about pday so I will sum it up. We had dinner with a part member family the dad and the boys are less active and it was good then we went and visited a less active and I helped him with homework. Tuesday we had trainer trainee meeting and it was good, we learned a lot though I did not like it as much because it took time out of proselyting. Well we went and got our car checked out there is more damage than previously thought but it is really okay and I am okay, I am not hurt and hopefully that lady can join the church! Wednesday we had zone training, I again dislike meetings and missionaries and the linger longer mentality they all have because they think because they have an hour for lunch they can stall leaving doing, "car inspections" and then make it two hours. We only did member visits which are good but the ward wants us to give help, ' yes awesome, here is some food now go do your own thing we don't care just go amuse yourself finding people, I don't know anybody who wants to hear the best message ever!' Thursday we got traction, we got a member present which was so powerful, then we met with two other investigators and it was a good day! Friday we had a hard time finding people but we tried and it was good and I like the cool weather we have now! Saturday another good day and a funny experience. So we vistited with some people and as we were leaving the projects we were going to our car and some huge tall black guy stopped us and was way drunk and ya he was all over the place, Heavenly Father was protecting us because he started out mad then he got tangent sidetracked and ya it was weird then he wanted to talk to our Boss, (Elder Paonesa) and so ya we let him talk to Pao so ya. Sunday was good we got some referrals and we have some plans for the week which we think might, just might work out! So that sums it up I love you all. They are trying to rob me of my computer time the lazy jerks so I need to end this bye I love you all

Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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