Friday, September 26, 2014

New Transfer

Dear Family and friends,
         I am happy to inform you that I am doing very well. I had a great week, numbers don't mean anything in reality but we were trying and they look good. So I am proud of them because I am doing much better than I was before. Monday was frustrating, as you probably can recall through my email, however, it was really sweet in the end.We did a family home evening with a family the dad is considered less active because his job keeps him out of town a lot (he works for the railroads). Well it was sweet we shared 2 Nephi 28:26-31 and Helaman 5:12 and it was really cool. We gave them the perspective and they knew and as a family figured out what they wanted and could do better, it was sweet. We got a sweet lesson with an English/Spanish investigator and we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he ate it right up out of our hands. He really understands the gospel. I love him to death because he is not much older than me, but he hasn't had the gospel and he can see how it can make it happy.
        Tuesday we had district meeting and it was good and I don't remember where Hermana Miller got the quote but it says "puny preparation precedes puny revelation." So I need to prepare more for my investigators. We taught one of our investigators the law of chastity because we have to even though I am not worried with him having a problem with that anytime soon however he is 14. Let's suffice to say he set a world record for shortest successful lesson ever! It was funny being the missionary and teaching that one. We went to the leaving missionaries testimonies at the Trail Center and it was nice and then we went home.
         Wednesday, a pretty sweet day, we got a LA who doesn't like to do anything to commit to reading the BoM and her son ,who we mainly work with, is doing good at coming to church and everything and he is cool I love him, and I will not let him slip up if I can at all help it. We found out as we were leaving, since we had to go early to make dinner, that the sister missionaries were coming over later to visit them! He is in the middle of our area! and their area is bigger than my area and the other elders area including Council Bluffs combined! Yet they come in and "take our stuff", I really don't mind too much and I am kind of like, "whatever it isn't a big deal" but the other elders make it seem like they are evil and will never change, but whatever. Either way the Elders and sisters are both at fault, when it goes down in district meeting tomorrow.
             Thursday we had a full DAY! We taught a total of five lessons which is good considering we had to go out to the church to pick up the greenie and drive around with him and take him to a lesson and then back again. However it was cool having three of us in the lesson I really liked it, we committed her to be baptized and this week we find out the results of our commitment! We talked to the less active up above and helped him with his math, a total Travis, and it was sweet I have discovered three things
 1. the gift of mathematics 
 2. the spirit literally bringing all things to my remembrance
 3. you can't have the spirit to teach if you are not in your own area
 So we had some sweet lessons and I think our LA is getting the difference the spirit makes in his life.
              Friday weekly planning and deep cleaning. I didn't get any lessons that day, it was just off for us but we had a good time planning for the next week.
              Saturday we got four lessons and got two new investigators and had stake conference, it was sweet I love meetings! Look up the 14th Article of Faith* but let me correct it by saying I love meetings when they do not interfere with my proselyting time. 
              Sunday, a great continuation of the last night"s  stake conference they stole a man from our mission presidency for the stake presidency so it was sad but cool. So I got to hear more from President Weston and Sister Weston. We had a good meeting with a LA who we are going to get to quit smoking and come to church. The guy from Monday who we had a sweet lesson with  is progressing and next Sunday we are going to find out if he decided to be baptized or not, so we are praying for our investigators to do the right thing and we got another one to commit to church.
The Work moves forward and I am doing much better. I am loving my time here and the people's food.
Elder L.J. Draper
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

*We believe in all of the meetings that have happened, all tat are currently happening and we believe that there will be many more great and important meetings pertaining to the kingdom of God.

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