Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Zone conferences

Dear Family and Beloved Friends 
       This week has been a great week, due to the fantastic zone conference that we had out in Grand Island on Tuesday. We got up early on Tuesday, or well not exactly early but we got out the door faster than normal. We went and picked up the Seward Elders in their apartment, in Milford, then drove almost an hour and a half to Grand Island. Then we went to the chapel for the meeting. The exciting part of the drive was all the corn fields, as far as the eye could see. Tall corn, short corn flooded corn, dry corn, lots of good ol' Nebraska variety. 
      Well the meeting was good. The focus was on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, what it is and what it can do for us. We also had the necessary reminder trainings from Elder Lee and Sister Lee about treating our apartments and cars well. We also had a little introduction from President and Sister Weston about the New mission President and his wife, the Gardners. It was a good time. President and Sister Weston are ready to go home and they are also somewhat sad to leave us, at least Sister Weston is. ha ha 
       Well we also talked about baptism, and the importance of helping people make that first covenant with our Heavenly Father. We focused most of our time on Covenants and the Atonement. That day President Weston did provide some dating advice and counsel on finding dates. He said to go to Preach My Gospel Chapter 9, the chapter on finding. It was rather humorous. He did an exit interview with us to remind us of what our priorities need to be when we get home from a mission. He told us get as much from your parents as you can, learn from them study with them, and live as if you were still on a mission, never forfeit that gospel study time. 30 minutes of The Book of Mormon everyday!!! 
         Well it was finally time to leave and we got to drive home from Grand Island. We had a really long drive again on the way back and we got home at about 7:30 or 7:00. We had a quick dinner then went to see some people, who ended up being busy. So we went and saw our neighbor, Sandi, and talked with her about some doubts and concerns she had about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We were able to address them, some were resolved quickly like the turning on of a light switch. Others are going to take time and study for her to answer those questions for herself. I have come to appreciate the Book of Mormon so much more, now that I have come to truly realize its role as the Keystone of our church. All concerns can be put to the test of whether the Book of Mormon is truly from God: if yes, all else follows. No other Church has anything like it. For them it is who can Bible bash the best. For us it is the answers from God and none else. 
        Wednesday was a day full of service. It felt like we didn't really do that much, but we did. We helped out in the Bakery and in the store New Beginnings. We had lots to do and it was fun to do something, compared to sitting all day like the day before but they both had their pluses and minuses. We had a hot dog/sausage roast for dinner with a member. We cooked our own hot dogs over a fire in his yard and then after that we went inside and chatted with him, and challenged him to be more diligent in his scripture study. We then went and talked to his investigator about the Church of Christ and The Great Apostasy. I have found that if a person doesn't understand those basic and fundamental principles then they won't accept anything beyond what they have. The Great Apostasy is not a matter of opinion, it is a historical fact that many investigators don't understand or won't accept. However the coolest part is when they understand the Restoration and why and how it needed to happen. God knows we need a prophet and he has provided a way to follow him, without the fear of hundreds of ravening wolves trying to guide us. We have one man under direct orders from Christ that won't lead us astray. 
           Thursday we went to Crete Manor, the senior center, and visited with our people there. We saw one investigator and he expressed lots of concern for his son, who seems to be drifting, going with the flow, not doing anything. We gave him the Chapter in Mosiah, about Alma the Younger and how the power of prayer changed the heart of his son. I believe that our investigator will recognize the truth of The Book of Mormon from this story. 
        Friday we had some members come down from Lincoln to have a picnic with us at a park here in Crete. That was fun. We had a good time and all went well. We had a lesson with a less active and talked about The Book of Mormon and its role in scripture, how it can bless and help us. She said, "I believe its true, but I don't want to read it. It might pollute my future music with its rhythms." So we are working on that one. 
         Saturday we had some good lessons, and we walked pretty much all of Crete that day. We had a good talk with our less active, who works there with us. He was like "Elders some guy is out on a corner down the street preaching. Go make sure he isn't preaching something false." We didn't get a chance to see him, but it was funny to have him telling us to go check to make sure they weren't preaching anything false.  
         Lastly but not least, Sunday. We had some fantastic speakers from the High Counsel, really a high councilman and his wife. They gave great talks on the Priesthood and on the Sacrament. There has been a great emphasis from the Church to make the Sabbath a more holy day. We as missionaries no longer do any administrative work on Sundays, in order to give that much more time to the Lord. I challenge you all to make the Sabbath a special day. Sunday is a special day. I invite all of you to review your activities personally and ask, "What sign am I sending the Lord?" Take more time to prepare for church and for the sacrament, especially. The Sacrament gives us a clean slate, if we will let it. 
        I know that the church is true, Christ has performed an infinite atonement for us so that we can be perfect as He is. He is our Savior and Redeemer, and the reason for everything we do. 
I Love you all 
Love Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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