Monday, June 22, 2015

Exchanges and Stake conference

Dear Family, Friends, and other browsers of the Blog, 
        I have had a good week. We spent last P-day here in Crete. We went shopping and browsing in our thrift store, New Beginnings. We got some games for doing Family Home Evenings and that was fun. We got Monopoly and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. We went over to a member's house that night and had a family home evening. 
        Tuesday we had our normal service and then we went over to Crete Manor, one of the assisted living facilities. We had some interesting conversations, one lady was frustrated with us. Another took Elder Kummerman by the arm and led him to her room so she could have him give her friend a pass along Bible. Then we went to another lady and did some very nice and pleasant from the Book of Mormon. After dinner we had a member from Lincoln come out with us. We went with him to Dustin, and we started talking about the Plan of Salvation. We talked about our pre-mortal existence and how we are spirit children of God. We had such a good visit that he asked us, "Darn can't I just listen to this stuff, because I feel I am usually too busy to read." So we obliged and got him the nice Gospel Library App. We then went over to another family. We talked with Jesus about the Plan of Salvation as well. We had a good time. We talked, we taught, we testified, and we felt the Spirit. Brother Stoki, who came with us and doesn't speak much Spanish, had a good time listening to us talking and testifying. We did switch between English and Spanish, since Jesus also speaks English. So we didn't leave Brother Stoki out of that one. 
        Wednesday we did service with the Alarcons, in their bakery and store and that was good. We then left and went to zone training, and had a really good meeting. We then went to a Chinese Buffet for lunch and then went and did more service with the Lincoln Spanish Elders at the People City Mission, a facility for homeless and needy people, which has such a cool facility. I am excited to do service when I get home. Well after that we went back and did our exchanges with the other Elders, and visited some people. Well the big events of the night were first, as I was getting out of a members car I tripped backwards over a stick and fell very gracefully onto my back and I caught people's attention. So Proof Mormon Missionaries are not Perfect! ;) Then as we were going to go visit another Hispanic family we passed by a house, and a lady walked out. I said, "Good evening." She said, "Hello Mormon Missionaries!" Then she started talking to us. She is a member who had not attended church for quite some time and she said, "I would like you boys to come by sometime. I would like to come back. I am available for you to stop by between such and such times." So we passed the info on the English Elders. 
             Thursday we went back to Crete, did some more service at New Beginnings then we went and played basketball with an investigator. Then shared a message with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and committed him to read and to pray because there is no other way to know if what we are sharing is true. After that we were not met with much success in being able to get in with people, until later that night with another investigator who didn't really understand the concept of the Great Apostasy. As far as most of the Christian world is concerned, their church has existed since the time of Christ and they neither understand the laying on of hands to receive authority and that it must come from Christ in that way. We are here to tell the world that we again have that authority. We have another testament of Jesus Christ, even the Book of Mormon. For Jesus Is the Christ, The Savior and Redeemer of the World. We do not preach another gospel as some do presume, but we teach the same gospel, restored again unto us in its fullness. We can testify of its surety, for we are witnesses unto Christ. We have been called after his holy order and we have had the truth manifest unto us by the Spirit of God. "Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you" ( Matt 7:7-8) 
                  Friday we went and saw a family just outside of Crete. The grandfather let us in, fortunately the rest of the family wasn't home because at the bottom of the stairs was a very large snake, as long as my arm span. So over five feet long and it was very angry. He was calling trying to get somebody to come and take care of it but no one could. A plumber showed up and he happened to know where a log pile around one of the houses was. He came in and smashed its head. It was quite the deal to see that thing try and bite the log and see how mean it was, but the log one against its head. 
                    Saturday we did Foodnet, a food pantry, and then we went and saw one family. Then we had to get dinner and go to stake conference. We had a great time there, it was very spiritual and powerful. We had two members of the Area Seventy there with us and they instructed us about Sabbath Day observance and we learned a lot. I felt like it was exactly what we needed. 
                      Sunday was fantastic as well. I studied Isaiah 58 and I invite all to do the same and learn more about what God's promises are. We had some more great talks from the Seventy. Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. There is so much we can learn and to be done and said of Him. We can and must make the Sabbath a delight, to sanctify ourselves so that we may survive the tsunami that is coming. We must prepare now. We are being warned, may we live by every word which proceedeth forth from the mouth of God. 
Love your friend, brother, and son,   
Logan Joseph Draper

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