Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Surprise visit

Dear Family and Friends,
       I, or we, had a fantastic week here in Crete, Nebraska and have had many fun little instances. Well Monday we received tons of food from members, and our refrigerator was full when we got home the evening of Preparation Day. After that we had a great lesson with a Hispanic family. We watched The Restoration video and then the son went and got his Bible videos for us, to watch the one about Jesus with us. It was really cool and we also got to share Ezekiel 37:15-18 with them, to explain the role of the Book of Mormon.
         Tuesday we had some good visits, but nothing too exciting with the people. We did some service of at New Beginnings and they have so many donations, it was crazy! We had a quick conversation with the owner as we were leaving, and she asked us if we were okay because a mutual friend/person we know said she was trying to save our souls and she was like is she bothering you are you okay? and we were like no we are good don't you worry about that she then asked us to tell her when she comes to work in the store that she can't preach there. (it is kind of illegal) So that was funny.
        Wednesday, well this is technically still Tuesday night but, we got a call from the Sioux City Spanish zone leaders saying "Hey plan to blitz your area, or do splits, because we are coming down Wednesday to help out." So they came down after our studies were over and we went and saw as many people as we could, and that was fun and good. We had some good tacos that Elder Kummerman and Neunswander cooked up for us. I had some good lessons with Elder Neunswander with some of our investigators. It was a good, fun night.
          Well Thursday we went and saw some investigators, and a less active who said "Will you get me a ride to church? I would really like to go." So that was fun and really cool. We had a great lesson with this couple and they have an adorable little baby. It was so nice to share the Gospel with such a sincere and concerned family. We also got two lessons with our ward mission leader, Brother Beck. They were really good because we kept them short simple and sincere, as the gospel should be.
       Well time is running out on the computer. So as a summary we had some great days. Our first counselor in the mission presidency came and taught an investigator. We saw an investigator in a city called Beatrice, which is really far away but that is what happens when you speak Spanish, you go where they want you to go.
        We have encountered many people with many questions and concerns over this past week, and all of it, I have found, really comes down to the basic keystone of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our message to the world. It is the source we need to got to to for all our doubts and we can know that Joseph Smith was a prophet ect..... If the Book of Mormon is true. I can testify that it is true becasue I have read it and I know it is true, because it has been revealed to me by God's Holy Spirit.
I love you all.
Love Logan Joseph Draper 

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