Monday, May 18, 2015

Spanish Confernce

Dear Family and Friends

        This has been a good week. We had some fun experiences which I will share. The two big events were interviews with President Weston and Spanish Conference.
         I had many good lessons this week and we are starting to make progress with our Spanish investigators. We had some very exciting news, we had a funny experience and I want to share it.
So we went to the Crystal's Bakery to invite the less active family that runs it to come to church. As we came in and approached the counter to ask for Crystal the girl at the counter (whom we had never seen) said, as we asked for Crystal, "She's not available for the Mormons."We were like "uhhhh" and then she laughed, and Kummerman laughed and I stood there trying to figure her out. Then she said "Ya you can see here. She is just in the back, but I don't want to talk to you I am a JW, or well not yet but I am studying with them." Then she laughed and Kummerman laughed nervously. Well she asked us about coming to church and  really wanted to go. Well we then went on to the next bakery and talked to the next less active family and he said, as we asked about her, "Oh ya she is a returned missionary and she is Miguel's sister, and her dad is a bishop in Mexico." We were laughing and jumping for joy, a solid member one who is converted maybe without means but she still has desire to go and do! Well we ran into her later that week and she offered to come out with us on team-ups and to fellowship our investigators! We were dancing (though not really because it would have been an awkward moment to do that.)
          Well now to Spanish Conference. We drove, a round trip of about 152 miles, to Spanish Conference. It was great I got to see Elder Johnson, my trainer, and Elder Barton, my trainee. They were doing really well, partying it up having success. They wore the ties that I gave them and were very happy to see me. We had some good times learning and practicing and being together. We had trainings from Hermano Miranda of the Spanish ward, President Weston, and President Bartlet, and a few other missionaries. It was so good to see my leaders and my friends, and to have a spirit of unity among us the Spanish speakers. President Weston gave us some great counsel and comfort as we struggle through the craziness of the work.
            I also gave a talk on Sunday about the sabbath day in English and Spanish. So that was fun and I think it went pretty well.
             So I have had a great week. We are starting to see more success and we will hopefully be getting in with more people. I know this gospel is true. The work is hard and people don't always see the truths of the gospel as simply or clearly as they are displayed, but that matters not because God will reveal the truth unto us when we are ready to hear it.
              Jesus is the Christ, my Savior and Redeemer, and I know that He lives.
Elder Logan Joseph Draper

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