Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Zone Conference and Walking!

Dear Family and Friends
        This has been a crazy week. We had some crazy announcements in zone conference. So here is our week in review letter, if you didn't already guess.
         Zone Conference we drove all the way out to Grand Island, NE, then had a meeting and that was super good. We learned a lot. The big topics of discussion was rules and study habits. We were directly instructed, by President Gardner, to get more out of our scripture study by not simply reading words but relating it to what we are teaching. President Gardner lifted all added rules to return us to the white handbook standard. The one thing I was saddened about by that was the fact that all music will spread like wildfire. Christian rap will now once again be a thing until he realizes what he has done ,though I think he sees it as unapproved.The Elders and Sisters don't so ya.
           The other big announcement was, we get to watch the Nebraska Huskers and the BYU cougars clash on Saturday, if we have memorized all twelve of the scriptures he has asked us to memorize and if we are with a member. So that will be exciting.
           Wednesday we went to see a less active and as we were walking, no more miles! We had an investigator, Eric, pull over and hop out of the car to talk with us. So that was sweet and then we set up an appointment and he was our backup to that less active. Then we were able to go and see the less active and that was good. The JWs knocked on the door while we were visiting the less active. So that they could visit with the husband, so that was great :<
            Thursday we did lots of service. We moved this big wood thing in Crystal's Bakery then we tried to organize books in New Beginnings, that didn't work so well. So that was nice but it was fun. We might have to re-plan things since we have District meeting on Wednesday's now. We got in contact with a college student named Makaela, who is LDS. She goes to the singles ward but she knows our investigator Eric. So she wants to join the lessons, so that is AWESOME! funny thing is we have never met her so that will be amusing. We also saw our neighbor, Sandi, and she has read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy she is progressing and her spirituality is increasing, which is awesome! I love this work. I love the gospel. It has the power to change people's lives by changing their natures. I know it is true, it may take time to see a change but it does happen. Try watching a tree grow.
Friday we visited with Eric and that  was super sweet! a good lesson and we had campus security called on us. So that was exciting. I was a little confused because they said they had reports of us soliciting and we had only asked for directions and technically the correct term would be proselyting not soliciting, similar I guess but starkly different. But they left us alone once we assured them we had not been doing such things of which we were accused.
Saturday it was just a mess. Foodnet people asked us to come in earlier to help out. So next week we will go in early set up and study. Yah and we got a sort of potential investigator, so that will make things interesting talking to one of the ladies there. She is rather open in her thinking and I think maybe she and her husband might actually take us seriously. We just walked all day trying to find people. Oh and according to Sandi's friend, Eve, I have red highlights in my hair.
    Sunday it was about the same. We got a ride to church from a member who lives in the half way point in Milford. So that was a little miracle. I was super glad for that but we still had to walk all of Sunday trying to find people and that was unsuccessful but faith building.
Have a good week. 
 Logan Joseph Draper the Elder

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