Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nebraska VS. BYU

Dear Family and Friends
        This has been a  crazy week for us here in Nebraska, so I will try to do a brief recap of what all happened. So we had some fun times trying to find people and do service, but on Tuesday on our way back from service in New Beginnings we were stopped on the street by a lady named Shirely. She is a nice lady who I have talked to before. She is a very good Catholic woman. Well she stopped us and asked what are service guidelines were, and we told her that most anything was appropriate with the few exceptions in the white handbook. She forgot why she asked so we talked with her for about ten minutes till she remembered and she asked if we could go and help do some yard work for the Catholic nuns just outside of Crete. There is no rule to prevent that, so we said, "Yes we can do that." So she gave us their number so we could arrange that. So we called the nuns and arranged to go help lay some pavers Friday afternoon.
          Wednesday we had district meeting all in Spanish which was great, finally happened! we then had to do our studies to catch up, since we did service in the morning. So it all worked out. We went to try to see people and we met up with our bishop, since he had had a business meeting here in Crete. We went and tried to see an investigator and we found three of our investigators that we have been trying to meet up with all in one spot. The bishop was awesome. He was able to talk to them in a way  they understood and help them realize the need for missionaries, the need for a church, the need for priesthood organization. It was an amazing, water that started out with talking about the new water treatment plant in Crete.
           Thursday was great we had fun. We taught Sandi with Brother Pister, which was amazing. She is quitting smoking and all that, so that will be good. That is one less principle of the Word of Wisdom to worry about! Then we went and saw Makaela, a Doane student who is a member, who is working with us with an investigator which is sweet. She is a super tall softball player which is funny considering both the Elders are shorter than her, even though Elder Phillips is decently tall. We then went and saw Manuel again. We saw him with the bishop Wednesday. So we first car sat his car while he took the not so working one home, then we went and read from The Book of Mormon with him, which was great.
            Friday we did all of our weekly planning shindig stuff and then we went out to The Catholic Shrine/Nunnery and we met with Sister Jennifer and helped her lay rocks and sand, then the pavers which took some time to get it set right but it was practically perfect. Then with our extra time we started on another project of laying some bricks. All the while having a great religious discussion, her asking us questions about what we believe and us asking her questions about what she believes. We are going to give her a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World, since she was interested in the Colloquium on the family in the Vatican. We were able to also set the Alarcon boys for baptism for the 24th of October, which was awesome! Our first to very probable baptismal sets since I have been here in Crete. So that will be exciting.
              Saturday, we had Foodnet and studies, and that was fun. They had us come early to help with some set up details,  then we just studied and that was good. We then, after Foodnet, rushed to the members house for the game. You all should know about the game. We were freaking out and the different things that happened during the game but we had some great football to watch. I was cheering for the Huskers because I don't want to deal with sad depressed Nebraskans, but I was glad BYU won because an investigator the son of a member in Seward said flat out Nebraska was going to win. I challenged him saying BYU is a pretty good team or they have been in the past, but well he wanted to make a bet and being a smart Elder I challenged him to read The Book of Mormon, five minutes a day for a week. He challenged me to where Husker gear. Well BYU won, so... :)
              Sunday we had a great fast and testimony meeting. We had President Kearl from our branch/mission presidency there, which was unusual and cool. We had a cool rainstorm that afternoon which made things super exciting, and that is our week.
         Monday we saw Eric, an investigator, and we think we will be able to set him for baptism soon and he will be coming to church on Sunday WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Love Logan Joseph Draper

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